Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ENCAPSULATED: Renee Wright on the books, music and moments she’s loved most

The one book you’d recommend above all others?

I love reading and find it to be a true escape from my day to day hustle so to narrow it down is too hard! The series I’m currently loving is The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley!

I can’t get enough of her books and have even read all of her works outside of this series.

Also Oprah’s book What I know for sure is a goodie.

The song that uplifts you on difficult days?

Music is my go to mood changer and I like a really varied mix from old school to hip hop but if I want to get the blood pumping in a pilates reformer class with jump boards…you can’t really go past The Pointer sisters Jump.

The piece of advice that’s been most helpful?

“This too will pass” a reminder to cherish and savour each moment but also if times are tough, they won’t last forever.

The dream you still hope to achieve?

To see my babies all grow up and thrive as adults. Family holidays together would also be awesome.

The first thought you had this morning?

Here comes Arabella….She’s normally the first person awake in our house and I can hear her little footsteps running along the wooden floor to our bedroom to say good morning.

The thing you’re the most proud of?

That’s an easy one… my children

The travel you think about the most?

I was lucky enough to host a travel show Getaway so I do tend to think about travelling a lot….

The Great Bear Rainforest in Canada was hard to beat as is Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

However I am a wee bit obsessed with Hawaii

The travel you still need to do?

Europe….so much more of Europe to see

The possession you most prize?

I have a gold and diamond ring that Mum and Dad gave to me.

When Mum had her engagement ring redesigned she split up the diamonds into 3 and gave a ring to me and my siblings

The challenge you’re most proud of conquering?

Childbirth, without pain relief x three. That’s something I will never forget. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for whatever it takes, but in my case there was no time and no option to have pain relief.

The happiest memory that comes to mind?

Holding my babies for the first time.

The TV show you put on when you want to relax?


The movie that never fails to make you cry?

The Notebook

The person you’d like to say thank you to the most?

My parents

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