ENCAPSULATED: Toni Street Tells Us a Few of Her Favourite Things + Her Hopes & Dreams for the Year Ahead

Broadcaster Toni Street shares her must-haves and pop culture favourites.

The one book you’d recommend above all others?

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.. I read books for escapism and this has that in spades!

The song that uplifts you on difficult days?

Catching Feelings by Six60 or anything by Adele!

The piece of advice that’s been most helpful?

Just be yourself, that’s all you can do, not everyone is going to like you! (Very helpful for a broadcaster).

The dream you still hope to achieve?

To take the family on a long sabbatical type world trip to experience different cultures and countries and to have a break from everyday life!

The first thought you had this morning?

It was at 4am when I woke up for radio and I thought… “I really hope our new radio game ‘The Chasers’ goes to plan” haha.

The thing you’re the most proud of?

Undoubtedly my three children, but also how we as a family navigated the surrogacy process… that includes my incredible bestie Sophie who gave us the most precious gift.

The travel you think about the most?

The warm clear blue waters of Fiji and Hawaii, I’ve been to both and I’m always at my most relaxed when I’m there.

The travel you still need to do?

New York! I want to get there before I’m 40, so another 3 and a half years to plan haha. Also the Maldives… dream beach destination!!

The possession you most prize?

My special rings… I have two from my husband, my engagement ring he gave me when we were 23, and one he gave me last year for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I also wear a beautiful ring Mum and Dad gave me after my eldest daughter Juliette was born.

The challenge you’re most proud of conquering?

Managing my auto-immune disease, Churgg-Strauss. It has been a really emotional and exhausting experience, but I managed to get it into remission, and so far it has stayed there!

The happiest memory that comes to mind?

Lazy Summer days with the family in Whangamata.

The TV show you put on when you want to relax?

Grey’s Anatomy!

The movie that never fails to make you cry?

The Notebook… it gets me every time and I’ve watched it at least 5 times!

The person you’d like to say thank you to the most?

My Mum. Mum has lost three children, but has always made sure my sister and I were sheltered from the depths of her grief, now I have children I really don’t know how she’s managed it.

The skill or hobby you love the most?

F45.. actually it’s definitely a love hate, but I never regret going and it keeps me mentally and physically on track to deal with a busy life

The hopes you have for the next 12 months – both in NZ and worldwide.

I hope that New Zealand can get back to some sort of normality post Covid-19 and those struggling businesses can make it through to the other side.  Internationally I hope the rest of the world can follow New Zealand’s lead and become Covid free. I, like so many have also been deeply affected by the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S, and pray that George Floyd’s completely unnecessary and shocking death can be the catalyst for the change the U.S so desperately needs.

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