Friday, March 31, 2023

Handling It: Megan Mansell

Let's be friends!

The books we're reading, the vibrators we're using, the rants we're having and more in our weekly EDM.

The Edge breakfast radio presenter and all round delightful person Megan Mansell let’s us take a sneaky look in her handbag to see the essential items that she won’t leave home without.

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  1. I need a bright wallet because I am always misplacing it! It’s jam packed with cards I always forget to use but can’t bring myself to throw away.
  2. I have recently started a new natural deodorant Ultrella – so far so good! But my new best friend is their natural body spray. It smells great and is an instant refresher after the gym or a long day.
  3. I always have a Tangle Teezer with me, my hair just needs one half decent gust of wind for it to be a nest (even if I have spent hours on it).
  4. I always have a good balm on me, loving Koaka healing balm at the moment. Obviously great for dry lips, but this one is also great on little cuts or stings or rashes.
  5. I have my new Samsung Z Flip with me at all times. Love the size of this phone and that I get to flip it shut after a phone call like a 2000’s boss!
  6. Urban Decay setting spray has been my game changer for years now. I use it daily to make sure my makeup stays in place and to give me a refresher throughout the day.
  7. My go-to lip duo at the moment, Crazy in Love lipliner by Charlotte Tilbury and Babe Alert by Smashbox.
  8. Olaplex hair oil is small enough to keep in my bag and lightweight enough to not make my hair greasy.
  9. I always have bits and bobs in my bag, I’m the Mary Poppins of my friends. I’m surprised there isn’t a safety pin as I normally have a couple of those floating around. Also these are my last few tampons! I have ordered myself a moon cup for the future (finally)

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