The Time of Your Life: Hacking Your Morning Routine So Your Day Runs a Little Smoother (Including a Time-Saving Hair Tool That Absolutely SLAPS)

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The last few years have felt disproportionally hard – so Capsule, with the help of our pals at Shark and Ninja, are here to figure out how to make life easier, without breaking the bank, as well as diving deeper into WHY we do what we do, the struggles we all collectively face and all that’s glorious and good about being a mana wahine!

Let’s start at the beginning and look at ways of getting your morning routine absolutely HUMMING!

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Win the morning, win the day – it’s a catchphrase in our house that my fiancé and I love to shout at each other on those glorious mornings when we actually follow our routine.

It’s our mantra as we get up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to do our morning workout or head out for our walk; as we make ourselves look presentable to take on the day; while we make our smug green smoothies and homemade coffee and pack our leftover dinner for lunches.

I’ve written about morning routines on Capsule before because I am a firm believer in them. When I finish my routine I’m just, plain and simple, a better human. I’m more productive. I’m nicer. I’m easier on the eye because my hair doesn’t look like it’s been dragged through a bush backwards (I don’t know what the hell I do when I’m sleeping but every morning it’s a bloody rat’s nest).

But squeezing everything I want to do in a morning is always the trickiest but, and oftentimes there’s some sacrifice depending on what has the greatest need – is it a tight week moneywise, so making sure we have packed lunches is the priority? Does my hair need washing (sigh) so I need to allow more time for that? Can I ignore the packet of Cameo Cremes (don’t at me, they’re a classic) I ate last night and flag the walk?

Why create a morning routine?

On this question, the thinking is sound – says incredible female entrepreneur Cathryn Lavery, “A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do each day right, you’ll do life right.” 

Adds author Mark Sisson, “Developing a morning routine allows you to assert your own authority over the day. You take charge of your own work-life balance by, in effect, paying yourself first. Too many of us do it the other way around and are left with no time and energy to invest by the time we get to ourselves. As a result, too many people end up feeling at the mercy of their work and family demands. Responsibilities overwhelm, and they end up continually stuck. When you lead with your own peace and well-being, however, much more is possible.”

And in what I think really sums up the value of a morning routine for me, he says, “Something essential changes when you begin directing your day rather than responding to it.” 

Basically, if you want to take charge of your life, begin while taking charge of your morning.

How do you create a morning routine?

The first thing to note – no one routine works for everyone, so there are no shoulds here, the experts reckon. To begin, you need to figure out what is important to you, and what you need to start your day on the right foot because that’s essentially the entire point of the routine.

It’s called setting an intention but it’s just a fancy way of saying you need to look at what you want out of your mornings. Do you want to feel more peaceful? More energised? More organised? Healthier? Happier? Write down your goals or you intended vibe and go from there.

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to be a morning person to have a routine – carve out some time whenever wake up – and routines don’t have to be intense or demanding. Again, it’s about feeling what’s right for you.

There are so many different things you can incorporate into your mornings and the internet is littered with ideas – indeed Craig Kulyk from The Morning Effect has done the hard work for all of us and pulled 127 different ones from all corners of the web into one easy document, but if that’s overwhelming, here’s a framework for figuring out your own personal routine (with a few little Capsule customisations, of course!)

·  Make your bed – pretty much EVERYONE insists on this. Success breeds success – even the tiny little wins help shape your further successes throughout the day, and you’ve already ticked off the first task of the day.

·  Sunlight is essential – it helps your body’s natural circadian rhythms (i.e it’ll help wake you up naturally rather than pouring three flat whites down your throat) if you get outside and get some sunshine (or just general light if you’re living in Wellington in the winter).

·  Drink water – it’s a no brainer really. We all know water is good shit but it’s especially key in the morning to replenish your dehydrated body, and it really couldn’t be simpler. Just drink it!

·  Gratitude – it’s both a spiritual and mental exercise that’ll help frame the day in positive way right from the get-go and get your vibes on the right path instantly.

·  Don’t start scrolling straight away – it’s easier said than done, but even 10 minutes at the beginning of your day without mindless scrolling is good for the soul.

·  Prioritise yourself – what gives you confidence for your day? Is it the perfect outfit? Lay it out the night before. On point hair? Find a tool that you absolutely love and cuts down your styling time so you can actually use it (and lucky you, I’ve just gone and bloody FOUND it – see below!)

·  Don’t hit the snooze button – it just messes with your body’s ability to wake up. Once you’re up, you’re up kid.

Things to help you create the perfect morning routine:

Now you’ve got the bare bones, we’ve scoured the shops to find the perfect accompaniments to your morning routine, and little gadgets that are sure to help you win your morning and make like go a little smoother:

1.    Shark SmoothStyle: Our newest obsession and the viral TikTok hit, our mates at Shark have bloody outdone themselves with this heated brush that is the answer to our morning prayers. In the cluttered world of hair tools this little baby pulls double duty with a wet mode that styles hair from straight-out-of-the-shower, and a dry mode (a heated comb) you can use to go back over your hair for ultimate styling and shine. Translated, this means my super-temperamental, super-long hair goes from wet to styled in, I’m not even joking, 11 minutes. ELEVEN. (Check out our full review here!)
$199 from Shark or Farmers (it’s currently on sale at $149 from Shark!)

2.    Noted Gratitude & Reflection Journal: Gratitude works, kids – so take the step of practicing it daily and recording what you’re actually grateful for in this glorious little life. This one from Noted is a good price, and helps you with guides and prompts so you don’t end up staring at a blank page, wasting precious minutes, while you’re trying to figure it out.
$24.99 from Whitcoulls

3.    The Warehouse Stainless Versa Cup with Straw: Don’t be like me (an idiot) and spend $90 on a Stanley Cup and yes, while I wrote an absolutely FAWNING yarn about how much I love it, this version from the big red shed is exactly the same and SO much cheaper. Anyway, however you do it, hydration is key and this bad boy will have you on your way in the mornings beauuuuuutifully!
$19 from The Warehouse

4.    Keith Brymer Jones Goddess Mug: We’ve just harped on about hydration and yes we love it but a morning is not a good morning unless there is coffee in it, and there’s just something gorgeous about your favourite mug. I love my Keith Brymer Jones ‘Goddess’ mug because there’s nothing like a little self-motivation and it’s super-cute and chic.
$34.90 from Flo and Frankie

5.    Nanoleaf Smart Bulb: Smart bulbs are the tits because they last FOREVER, you can control them from your phone (no more actually getting out of bed to turn them on and off, what a revelatory progression of human innovation) but these little beauties are awesome because you can program them to turn on and off according to the sunrise and sunset – they’ll start warm yellow-orange to mimic a sunrise, before getting brighter throughout the day and then dipping to sunset. You can also change them to any colour you like, and program them to flash to music for fun parties (or those Friday nights when it’s just you, a bottle of wine and Celine Dion’s greatest hits).
$39 from MightyApe

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