Find it hard to WFH? You’re Not Alone! Why Studies Find it IS Harder for Women to Work from Home in NZ & How You CAN Make it Work for You!

There are so many benefits to occasionally (or always!) working from home versus heading into an office each day. But a local study found that women are far more likely to get the short end of the stick when trying to implement the WFH. We learn why it can be so hard, and how we can really make it work for us!

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If there’s one good thing that came out of the pandemic it’s that many businesses started seeing the benefit in having their employees work from home.

There’s a lot to love about WFH: no traffic to fight against, no ‘what the heck do I wear today’ moments, or pricey lunches – plus the ability to put on a load of washing or do a meditation in the sun on your breaks. Bliss! It’s really no surprise that a 2022 study by PwC discovered that since the pandemic, only 11% of US workers actually want to work full-time in an office.

But in saying that, it isn’t always easy – so if you want to improve how you’re working from home, or, find it really hard and need some pointers, we’re here to help with our friends from Logitech who have all the gear to make a difference. Yip, you may just need the right keyboard or mouse to get yourself sorted!

A study done right here in NZ last year by ASB found that it’s a lot harder to WFH as a female, often because we just don’t have the right tools.

The study found that less than less than half of women actually have what we need to work efficiently, AND, infuriatingly, we’re less likely to have our own WFH space compared to men.

“Where there is a study or office in the house, men are more likely to occupy it while women work at the kitchen table,” the study found. Argh.

Plus, we’re also more likely to also be juggling childcare and housework while we’re at home than our male counterparts.

Gah. So, how do we combat these factors and be efficient at home, whilst actually enjoying it?

1) Create a dedicated workspace and invest in a good set up!

If you have an office at home, or even an area in your lounge/bedroom/garage that you can put a permanent desk in and create your own little workspace haven, it’s time to look at how you do so and use that space wisely – and if that space is currently already monopolized by your partner, it’s time to have a conversation with them about sharing that space!

Set up your workspace with everything you would need as if you’re in the office! From your favorite coffee mug to your keyboard and mouse, invest in the tools that will literally make your job easier. We’ve found there are loads of great options at Logitech, who now have full ranges for WFH set ups or for jazzing up your office desk.

2) Getting in the ZONE

For drowning out the sounds of the washing machine going, Blue’s Clues on the TV or even your colleagues’ watercooler chat, a pair of headphones is essential. You should be looking for a pair that’s lightweight and comfortable so that you can wear them for decent stretches of time. The Logitech Zone Vibe 100 Headset is perfect for the job, it’s noise cancelling, can connect up to the three devices simultaneously and looks cute for Zoom calls or in the office! The long battery life ensures the headset goes as long as you do, with 18 hours talk time and 20 hours listening time!

3) Looking the best in the Zoom room

If you’re in meetings a lot, a decent webcam can make all the difference too. I never understood how some people looked so good (and sounded so clear!) on meetings, until I realised they were boycotting the laptop cameras for webcams connected to their monitor. Logitech’s Brio 500 Webcam not only ensures you look your best with auto correct lighting, but it has noise reducing mics to filter out background noises and comes with a privacy shutter for when you really don’t want your camera on!

4) Getting crafty with small spaces

If you’ve got a small space where you can’t fit a permanent desk, there’s still ways to work this system.

If the kitchen table is your best option, there are great ways of making the space your own – temporarily – and making sure you don’t kill your spine in the process.

Yip, for most of us, the height we’re at when sitting at the table won’t likely be optimal for typing on our laptop. So, to ensure you look after yourself and don’t risk OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome), get a separate keyboard to your laptop or screen, so you can adjust the height of your screen without hunching over your laptop keyboard. Logitech’s POP Keys is our pick, it’s a typewriter style mechanical wireless keyboard and comes in a variety of cute colours to match your style or home décor! 

A mouse is also a great way to look after your posture while WFH, as it’s much easier on your fingers, wrists and arms than relying on your laptop. And again, Logitech’s POP Mouse is not only ergonomic, but pretty darn cute and has a range of colours to elevate your set up.

5) Create some head space

If your dedicated workspace isn’t somewhere that you can close the door on and forget about until the next morning, we need to create some signals for your brain (and body!) to transition out of ‘work mode’.

Some ways to tackle this could be:

  • Create an ‘office box’

If you’re working at the kitchen table, keep all your gear in one box, that you pack away when you’re finished and keep it in a cupboard out of sight. If you can still see it, chances are you’re still thinking about it.

  • Change clothes

Signal to your body/brain that you’re moving out of work mode into home mode by having different clothes for work and play. You don’t have to get all dressed up and fancy for work at home though – just a change of clothes can do the job!

  • Create transitions

Again, create those signals for your brain to really understand you’re moving into a different phase of the day. Maybe it’s a walk around the block, playing certain music, doing a short meditation – whatever it is, make it a routine that you do each time you work from home.

To shop Logitech’s WFH essentials, head to or visit all major tech retailers! 

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