Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Here Is the Exact Time You Should Go to Sleep to Save Your Marriage, According to Experts

Everyone knows you shouldn’t go to bed angry, but one report claims the secret to saving your marriage altogether may also lie in the specific time you go to bed.

Research conducted by UK mattress company Dream has found a huge slice of the population sleep better alone, even when in a marriage or relationship.

It also discovered most people had a bad night’s sleep more than half of the week, with over 25 per cent of the 15,000 participants admitting they sleep better when they sleep solo.

Another eight per cent even considering sleeping separately to their partner, all in the pursuit of a solid night’s rest.

Our sleeping hours, though spent unconscious, can have a huge effect on our waking ones, so say the sleep experts at Dream.

“People can be more prone to arguments when they’re tired or stressed because fatigue and pressure can impact someone’s ability to control their emotions and respond to situations calmly and rationally,” said Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert at Dreams.

“Additionally, tiredness can lead to miscommunication or misunderstandings, which may also contribute to arguments.”

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to preventing these arguments – simply have one person go to sleep 90 minutes before the other.

Margo said this is “optimal time” to allow one person to fall into a deep sleep before the other gets into bed.

“This way, you still reap the benefits of the intimacy of sharing a bed with your partner, without the frustration of struggling to get to sleep next to them,” she explained.

“Plus, being open to this shows you care about your partner and their needs, it’s not a sign your relationship is on the rocks.”

More research reveals the optimal amount of time to take a nap.

A new study by The Obesity Society shares that any nap more than 30 minutes can increase the risks of heart disease and diabetes, whereas a snooze less than 30 minutes long was less likely to give participants elevated blood pressure.

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