Friday, March 1, 2024

THE ONE THING… I’m Not Going to Do in 2024

It’s THE week for making fresh starts, whether you’re making New Year’s resolutions, reflecting on what you liked and didn’t like in 2023 and what you’d like more of in 2024, or vowing to make big changes. For a bit of inspo, we found out what Capsule readers are up to this week and the one thing they’ve vowed to not do in 2024.

Welcome to The One Thing! Every week we’re bringing you the one nugget of info that you need to know or didn’t know you needed to know! Whether it’s a tip to make your life a little easier, a pearl of wisdom, something to make you think, or maybe something to make you laugh, The One Thing is here to serve you every Friday!

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Keen to make some resolutions this year? Want to avoid getting into some of the situations that pulled you down in 2023? Have big dreams for 2024? These Capsule readers are with you and are sharing the one thing they’re going to do differently this year, that hopefully is going to make this year, their best yet.

In 2024 the one thing I’m not going to do is:

“Put up with toxic behaviour at work!”

“Go to the gym! I cancelled my membership because I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I’ve realised that walking/hiking in nature makes me feel so much better, so I instead invested in a backpack to carry my son in and am going to do a couple of big walks with him each week instead. I’m excited to never see that gym again.”

“Date anyone who isn’t kind. I’ve dated too many jerks. When I tell people I’m still single they sometimes tell me I’m being too picky, but I now realise I haven’t been picky enough. I know my worth and I’m not going to settle again!”

“Work! Stay at home mum life for me in 2024!”

“Carry the mental load. In 2024 my husband and I are splitting it. I went back to work last year after having two kids and tried to carry on as we had when I was a SAHM. Ha! I nearly had a nervous breakdown. We had a chat this week and 2024 is going to be different!”

“Date anyone called Michael again. I’ve learned my lesson… after FOUR bad Michaels (sorry if your name is Michael and you are nice. You are rare!)”

“Eat gluten. This might be a weird one, but I’ve suffered from bad eczema and I’m over it. I’ve tried so many different medications. My GP said some people benefit from cutting things out of their diet and having lifestyle changes. This Christmas will be my last bread-filled one!”

“Take the pill. I’m hoping 2024 is the year I get pregnant!”

“Worry so much about what my mother-in-law thinks of how I’m parenting our kids. It’s okay that they eat differently, have different schedules and play differently to how her generation brought up children. Things have changed for a good reason! I’m going to be more confident in my convictions and just thank her for her opinion and move on!”

“Wear black! Wearing colour makes me feel happy and confident so I’m not buying anything black in 2024!”

“Use my last name – or my soon-to-be husband’s current last name!! I’m getting married on January 1 and we’re both changing our last names! His mother died a few years ago and her last name was Rose (so beautiful). His dad has never been in his life, so it makes sense for us to take a name with more meaning.”

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