Sunday, April 14, 2024

Everything You Need to Know Before Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Thinking about whitening your teeth at home? We spoke to Kennedy Anderson, Co-Founder of The Whitening Co, for his top tips and what you should think about before beginning!

What are the five things you should consider before whitening your teeth at home?
Great question! A few things come into play here but definitely the first off the rank could be asking yourself what are you trying to achieve by whitening your teeth.

First, would absolutely be understanding that teeth whitening is an addition to your oral care and not the only oral care you should be doing – regular dental check-ups, consistent brushing and flossing all are key factors that need to be under control before trying to improve your already gleaming smile with whitening products.

If you don’t keep it up, it will fade slightly! Teeth whitening can be compared to changing the colour of your hair… it needs to have maintenance to keep it at the desired colour you’re after. You can’t expect to do it once and never again, however, you will get to reduce the number of treatments needed, the more you keep it consistent. 

Not all products are the EQUAL, do your research into the brand you are trusting with your precious smile. Your teeth are the only teeth you get and they deserve to be protected. We are proudly backed by dentists across NZ and use only the amount of hydrogen peroxide we do to ensure for the best results and protection all in one.

Finally, all smiles are beautiful. Our main goal and mission is to get you smiling MORE, not necessarily getting you to all have a ‘Hollywood smile’. We want our community to feel proud of that teethy smile you pull when you just can’t contain yourself. The more smiley humans we can help achieve this the better.

Are you always going to get a better result in-person with a professional?
The in-studio appointment allows for a much quicker jump in shades of white yes, this is because we can legally administer a stronger formula (Known as TWC Pro+) to your teeth when one of our trained Whitening Practitioners is doing the treatment. However, this isn’t necessarily the perfect fit for everyone, our home products have the exact same formula just with a lower % of HP – this has been proven to be a sometimes easier experience for those with sensitive teeth or even individuals who are nervous to start whitening and are wanting to see results on their own first. Our largest demo of at-home products users are the time-poor individuals who would rather get the house chores done and whiten at the same time, and honestly, I don’t blame you. 

What causes your teeth to become discoloured – even if you’re religious about brushing – and is there anyway you can prevent it in the first place?
There are too many factors to list when it comes to teeth discolouration, and sometimes they are habits that we just can’t kick just for a few shades brighter (I’m looking at you coffee addicts. If anything, that’s why teeth whitening is a huge rising treatment these days. We all have days where we need our vice and teeth whitening can help fix it up on the other side.

We also understand that discolouration in teeth can happen naturally, I myself had quite yellow teeth as a teen and I couldn’t figure out why, it was a massive confidence-kicker for me personally so I wish I knew it wasn’t anything I was doing wrong and was taught that not all teeth are meant to be the same. Again this is why we created the brand, not to tell everyone they need to have picket-fence white teeth, but to allow everyone to feel confident in their own smile.

Have you noticed an upsurge in people wanting to whiten their teeth since the pandemic (those damn Zoom screens!)
YES, those Zoom screens have made all of us book in for a few more beauty treatments I’m sure! I think it also comes down to a huge ‘self-care’ resurgence, after being couped up for a while, we are now all wanting to make ourselves feel a little better and that comes in so many forms these days. We feel we really fit into this self-care / self-love movement because you know at the risk of sounding super cheesy… you are never fully dressed without a smile.

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