It’s the Little Things: It’s Cosy Season – Let’s Make Over the Bedroom for Peak Winter Snuggliness (For Under $150?!)

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After setting up this bedroom look, sorry – we’re not leaving it for the whole of winter! Read on for our tips at cultivating the perfect cosy winter bedding vibe from The Warehouse

Here at Capsule we love nothing more to be cosy. Those gorgeous, lazy mornings in bed with a cuppa, a book and soft, fluffy blankets are the stuff dreams are made of and as we hurtle towards winter, there’s literally nowhere else we want to be (we get decidedly more boring when it’s cold and we make absolutely no apologies for it – JOMO, or the Joy of Missing Out, is real).

So it’s a great time to update our bedrooms with the warmest, fluffiest and luxurious-looking bedding we can get our hands on, and thanks to our pals at The Warehouse, we’ll show you how to make a bed so comfy you’ll never want to get out of it (I can attest to this, I may or may not be writing this story from said bed because honestly, I’m just so bloody comfortable).

AND, we’ll let you in on how to update your entire bedding look for less than $150. Seriously.

The Hero: Living & Co Plush 3 Piece Comforter Set (Vermont Orange)
Price: Normally between $49 and $79, now on sale for between $34.430 and $55.30 depending on size

As soon as I saw this set in store, I immediately fell in love with it. First of all, it’s veeeery similar to a design I saw in a veeeeeery high-end store last week (the price is veeeeeery not similar) and the burnt orange check is such a timeless, gorgeous print. (But if orange is not your style, you should know the 3-piece comforter set is also available in black, denim blue, lotus pink and miro yellow, and a variety of floral prints).

Secondly it’s a comforter, not a duvet – so you know what that means, my time-poor queens. No squishing the damn duvet inner into a cover.

It’s also reversible (why all duvets and blankets aren’t is beyond me, we love a two-in-one) and if you need a break from the colour, the other side features a gorgeous cream boucle. And, you get two pillowcases as well, so your entire look is sorted.

TIP: Get the next size up from your bed for an ultra-luxurious look – eg, if you have a queen bed, go for the king. It’ll elevate your vibe just that little bit more, with the extra length and material.

The Sheets: Living & Co Flannelette Sheet Set (White)
Price: Between $45 and $69, depending on size

YES TO THE FLANELETTE. It’s time to go back to your childhood and rediscover all that is good about the cosiness of the flannelette sheet, only this time you don’t have to have them printed with pictures of Tweety Bird or Space Jam. No, these cotton sheets are a refined, adult option that offer primo cosy vibes and don’t break the bank. I went with the white set (they’re actually a slight cream – just a heads up if you’re trying to match a crisp, true white duvet) to go with the business of the orange, and bring out the cream notes in the comforter. They’re a perfect foil for the colour, and are super-soft to the touch and will have you wistfully remembering the days you got tucked in.

The Finishing Touches: Living & Co Teddy Cushion and Living & Co Linen Rich Cushion Price: $12-$16

No matter what sizes of sheets and comforters you’ve bought, you’ll have a little left over in your budget to splurge on throw pillows and cushions to really bring the look together.

We absolutely adore the linen cushions (there are so many colours!) that give the whole look a sophisticated vibe (and you can pop the covers off to wash them, which is key in my house because I have been known to get my breakfast coffee and croissant all over the sheets and pillows). Play with texture a little by adding a teddy pillow which complements the overall soft vibe, and breaks up the same-ness of the linen. Add new pillows to your existing neutral-coloured ones like I did, so you don’t have to start from scratch with every seasonal update (I had some cream linen-rich cushions already!).

TIP: Modernise the European Pillow trend by using smaller throw pillows – they add dimension and fun, rather than the old-school larger ones that are still lovely, but more traditional.

Optional extras:

Not included in our budget, but still cute little touches to really make your room come along:

Living & Co Fold Out Wooden Tray, Natural ($22) Hoping this will be the hint my fiancé needs for more breakfast in bed. As well as a practical thing, we love it as a base for more bed styling if you’re looking to elevate your look.

Living & Co Wainui Mug, White ($5) We won’t stop going on about how much we love these mugs – and we were delighted to find that there are matching dinner plates and cups too.

Living $ Co Ambience Candle, Vanilla ($7-$12) and Homestay Vanilla Candle ($14) We will also never stop going on about candles. They are the absolute queens of the cosy vibe, and both of these vanilla scents are subtle but gorgeous.

Marian Keyes, My Favourite Mistake ($26) This may or may not be (all right, it is) our next Book Club read – keep a look-out for our reviews!

Live in the Moment’ Print ($24) The selection of art prints at The Warehouse is super-impressive right now, and we went with this blush typography option to contrast a bit of softness and femininity against the orange in the room. Plus, it’s a great reminder when you wake up in the morning!

Stainless Steel Versa Cup with Straw ($19) One must always be hydrated – and if one doesn’t want to be an idiot and buy the VERY expensive version of this gorgeous cup, please trust me and go for this option instead. 

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