Scents to Covet This Spring: The Best in Fancy Home Fragrance

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Scent is one of my favourite things, and the sense of smell is one of the most powerful to evoke emotions. Whether I’m looking for calm, excitement, serenity, drama or contentment, I have a scented candle for the job. And even in this cost of living crisis, the one indulgence I’ll still allow myself is a phenomenal scented candle (wine doesn’t count, right!?).

So to celebrate spring, here are a few of my favourite bougie candles (all available at Mecca) that I’m currently vibing.

D.S & Durga, Wild Brooklyn Lavender

I admit I had to have a laugh at the description of this candle – this candle is inspired by Brooklyn flowering in the early aughts where wild packs of dogs roamed free among savage weeds and anything seemed possible – because honestly the last thing I want my house to smell like is wild dogs and savage weeds HOWEVER this candle has shot straight to the top of my favourite fragrances, and quite unexpectedly so. Usually lavender makes me think of Waiheke hippies and my nana but this scent is so much edgier than nan’s sock draw – there’s herbs in there that give it an edgy freshness and I don’t know how they do it, but also a concrete-after-rain smell that really does remind me of New York after a downpour.

Byredo, Summer Rain

Speaking of rain because apparently that’s all we do now (where the hell is El Niño?! this scent is for those of you who love one of those summer days where it’s absolutely stifling, then a shower comes through and cools everything off nice and easy. If there was a word for this candle it would be soothing –  there’s calming mint that dominates the scent profile, followed by basil, green fig, ginger, tonka beans and sandalwood for a balanced but fresh feel.

Tuberose, Dyptique

Flowers for spring – ground-breaking. I know – but sometimes you just want something so obviously seasonal it smacks you in the face and Jeeeeeesus does this scent do that. If you want your house smelling like a bunch of flowers then this is the candle for you. Tuberose is a gorgeous scent – kiiiind of similar to gardenia, but a more intense smell. This is not subtle, nor delicate. It’s for those who want a whack of fragrance that instantly evokes everything that’s good about spring.

Olive Tree, Flamingo Estate

Before I received this candle for review I’d never heard of Flamingo Estate and after smelling this scent I now want to go out and buy every scent they have. I indulge in scented candles as much for their aesthetic as well as the smell and this stunning green is the perfect fit for my house and I get so much happiness just from looking at the gorgeous jar. But then you smell it and its like joy in glass. It’s an ode to Sicily with minerality, pepper and fruit that combine for a wonderfully complex scent that you honestly just want to eat.

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