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Capsule’s Gift Guides: Gifts for Foodies

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Welcome to our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Collection and here’s the ultimate guide for gifts for foodies!

In this edition, it’s the friend who always knows which new restaurant is the one to visit, loves entertaining and perfecting a new recipe – they know what they like, but they’re always game to try a new food, dish or wine. So, you know something food/wine related would be perfect… but just what might they be coveting this year? We’ve got you covered with these gifts for foodies!

Villa Maria Sparkling Cuvé Brut

Our pals at Villa Maria have OUTDONE themselves with this little drop of festive fizz – perfect for a formal celebration or a last-minute catch-up.

Villa Maria Sparkling Cuvé Brut, $20

Kuki Reka Kani (Koru cookie cutter set)

How freaking rad are these?? Cookie cutters are a great way to entertain kids in the kitchen and also create something a bit magic out of everyday food – sandwiches, shortbread etc. Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust is non-profit charity, established and led by Kaumātua which services the needs of Kaumātua based in Hamilton, Waikato – these award-winning cookie cutters are designed to be easy grip, suiting all ages, and they have a wide range of Māori designs, including a Matariki star and kawakawa heart.

Kuki Reka Kani prices start at $20 per cutter or $50 for a group of three, Buy Reka

Fix & Fogg Pumpkin Pie Butter

Even though we don’t really do pumpkin pie here, it’s still a great seasonal flavour that signifies Christmas and so we were thrilled to learn that Fix & Fogg were doing a seasonal release of this nut butter. Made from lightly roasted pecans, cashews, peanuts, warm spices and real pumpkin, it’s deeply festive and a great addition to your baking, your toast and your overall life.

Fix & Fogg Pumpkin Pie Butter, $9.99

An Absolutely Giant Bucket Of Maldon Sea Salt

If you’re a salt person, then you know a fancy pants salt is one of the greatest gifts you can get. Salt makes everything better! (I’m not a doctor). Maldon Sea Salt is the fanciest best salt that says, ‘Yes, I know about food’ but will cost you less than $30, which is a rare combo. Also, the pattern is iconic.

Maldon Sea Salt TUB 570gm, $26

A Bon-Bon Wrapped Italian Panettone

It’s festive, it’s flamboyant, it’s a bit ridiculous and it’s also delicious – this bon-bon wrapped panettone is Christmas in a package. Panettone is an Italian Christmas bread that smells like the gates of heaven – spices, orange peel, joy, bread. It is a delight – and this festive wrapped bread is the best way to gift it.

Amaretti Virginia Red Panettone Bon Bon, $34

Kip & Co Striped Linen Tablecloth

A striped linen table cloth with plates on it, part of our gifts for foodies gift guide

You know you’re approaching (have reached?) middle age when you find yourself earnestly Googling ‘Summer tablecloths’ but… here we are. Linen stops a tablecloth from feeling too fussy because it’s always going to look a little bit creased and summery, which is very French? The multi-coloured stripes of this one means that it matches everything and nothing, and every dish you put on it will look good.

Kip & Co Striped Linen Tablecloth, $AU159

Biroix Dutch Oven

While there are plenty of expensive international brands out there to choose from, we’re a fan of cast iron cookware brand Biroix – all cooked up by Queenstown-based mum, Rachel Turner. Her premium enamelled cast iron Dutch Ovens are available in vibrant green, orange and yellow and feature unique details like a studded lid, which allows for condensation to disperse evenly and ensures consistent texture in every dish, and a wide, ergonomic handle design that accommodates oven gloves.

Biroix Dutch Oven, $259.

Nonna’s Grocer Lemon Candle

If you love a candle – and who amongst us – and you love some novelty, then these food-shaped candles are the perfect combo for your kitchen. We’re partial to the lemon but there’s multiple shapes/food items to pick from, including an extremely delicious block of butter candle.

Nonna’s Grocer Lemon Candle, $47

Food For Everyone Recipe Posters

Based in Australia, Food For Everyone is a company that turns beloved recipes into poster art for your home and kitchen. With a wide range of colourful, beautiful posters, the company also donates 10 meals to people in need with every poster bought. Hence – food for everyone.Food For Everyone Recipe Poster, $AU145

Honest Rum

For a Christmas gift for those more refined palates, get them a gift that will surely put them in the Christmas spirit – a bottle of Honest Rum.

Heavy on the botanicals and easy on the eye (and the planet!!), Honest Rum has an aroma that is reminiscent of cinnamon toast (aka, deliciousness).

This scent is highly influenced by the sophisticated flavour profile of six botanicals – tonka beans, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and orange peel. Cheers!

Honest Rum, $34.99 (250ml) or $72.99 (700ml)

IronClad Pan Co Essential Knife Set

Any foodie worth their salt (pun intended, thank you) needs an incredible knife set. There’s nothing worse than blunt knives harshing your kitchen buzz – you simply don’t get the same results and the frustration is enough for you to give up and order UberEats. Or that could just be us.

Kiwi company IronClad Pan Co have just introduced their essential knife set – one all-purpose chef knife and a smaller pairing knife – to complement their already wildly successful cast iron skillets. The blades are stainless steel for easy maintenance and are made to order – these knives are designed to last and each one is handcrafted and unique.

So, the perfect present then?

Ironclad Pan Co Essential Knife set, $130

Manaaki Branded Gift Box

‘Inspired by the Aunties’, Manaaki’s award-winning condiments are made on Omaka Marae in Blenheim and are made with hard mahi and traditional values, as well as native herbs and freshly grown ingredients. As well as having a super cool back story, these condiments are zingy as hell and will jazz up any meal you’ve got going.

This wooden branded gift box is complete with a jar of Kamokamo Pickle, Kawakawa Jelly and Piripiri Plum Chutney, a welcome addition to any festive meal or cheese board.

Manaaki Branded Gift Box, $42

The Remarkable Chocolates Smore’s Kit

A perfect gift for families, campers or people who love melted chocolate, this Smore’s kit provides everything you need to make a delicious after-dinner treat that the whole family will love.

Smore’s Kit, $23

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