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Capsule’s Gift Guides: Gifts Under $20

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Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Collection and here’s the ultimate guide for gifts under $20 – perfect for Secret Santa and for workplace presents!

In this guide, it’s your go-to guide for Secret Santa – whether you’re drawing names out of a hat for a under $20 gift in your workplace, or your extended family plays Stealing Santa/Dirty Santa/White Elephant Gift Exchange. If you’ve drawn Beth in accounts, and you’re not quite sure what Beth in accounts likes, or you just need a present that would suit pretty much everyone, here are our top picks for gifts under $20:

Gingerbread Cookie Jar Mix

For 15 bucks this is such a cute little present – particularly if you’re not sure who you’re buying for! From the lovely folks at GoodFor, this mix has everything your recipient needs (bar a few wet ingredients) to whip up a batch of festive gingerbread cookies with zero fuss, and only 8 minutes in the oven!

The jar is perfect for reusing in the pantry, plus it comes with a gingerbread man cookie cutter – with which you should get about 26 cookies out of this jar. And because it’s from GoodFor, you know you’re buying good quality ingredients and materials that are environmentally friendly. Win, win!

Gingerbread Cookie Jar Mix, $15

Where the Crawdads Sing

I (Alice) am yet to find someone who didn’t LOVE this book. And I’m definitely not alone – it’s won multiple awards and topped best-selling lists, in fact, according to Amazon it was 2019’s most popular title, and sales have barely slowed down in the last two years. It’s also been featured in many book clubs (including Oprah’s) and Reese Witherspoon loved Where the Crawdads Sing so much, it’s not just one of her Book Club recommendations, but she’s currently making a screen adaptation of it.

Remarkably, it’s Delia Owen’s first novel. It follows the story of ‘Marsh Girl’, Kya Clark, a vulnerable young girl who is abandoned by her mother and siblings, owing to her father’s alcohol abuse and violent tendencies. It’s a heart-breaking coming-of-age read, combined with a whodunnit possible murder mystery.

It’s the perfect book to read for summer and a book you can gift, almost guaranteed that it’ll be well received.

Where the Crawdads Sing, $15

2021 Origins Prosecco NV

To me [Alice], the drink that screams ‘it’s summer and it’s Chriiiiiistmas!’ is Prosecco. While I’d love to be popping the cork on a beautiful bottle of Champagne for every festive catch up, I already blew all my cash on buying the family matching Christmas pjs (I was having a bad day), so it makes much more sense to go with the cheaper, but also delicious option of prosecco. And, I can definitely recommend this tasty option by Brown Brothers. Brown Brothers was one of the first winemakers to plant Prosecco in Victoria’s cool climate King Valley. which is climatically the closest region in Australia to northeast Italy. 

Straw in colour with subtle green hues and a delicate nose, it displays delicious apple and pear characters. And, while it retains the freshness and vibrancy that Proseccos known for, and it has a beautiful savoury edge on the palate. If you don’t want to turn up somewhere empty-handed or need a quick inexpensive gift, this is your new go-to!

2021 Origins Prosecco NV, $18.99. 

Lovisa Red Sequin Mask

Did someone say ‘Festive face mask?’ This red sequined facemask looks like something Beyoncé would wear to a Christmas party but also is a very ‘Christmas 2021’ kind of gift. We love a gift that is topical, practical and also has sequins.

Lovisa Red Sequin Mask, $4

Mini Portable Handy Electric Stitch Sewing Machine

Know someone who loves to be prepared? This little tool is SO handy for any minor little sewing or craft issues that pop up. Hem fallen down? No worries! Made a little rip in the curtains? No drama.

Simply pull out this little battery operated mini sewing machine and you’re away laughing, in less time than it would take to even just pull the clunky old sewing machine out of storage.

Mini Portable Handy Electric Stitch Sewing Machine, $10.99

Salted Caramel Scorched Almonds

As either a stocking stuffer or a secret Santa present, cost isn’t going to matter diddly squat when it comes to these bad boys because everyone – I mean EVERYONE – loves salted caramel.

You just can’t get more Christmas than a Scorched Almond. And if you’re really stretched, the old ‘One for Mummy AND Daddy’ vibe still works even if you’re well into your 30s because, nostalgia.

Nestle Salted Caramel Scorched Almonds, $5.49

Eve Morning Person Mini Supplements

I (Kelly) was once VERY anti-supplements, purely out of my own laziness. Who can remember to take a pill every day?! (Ok sure a lot of women but I am NOT one of them. It’s a miracle I’m still child-free).

But these little babies really did the trick for me, and would make a great little stocking stuffer or Secret Santa for that person in your life who struggles in the mornings, or suffers from brain fog and tiredness. They’re a little burst of energy, without the jitters. Oh and they’re all natural.

Eve Morning Person Mini, $16.95

Villa Maria Lightly Sparkling Rosé

Villa Maria Private Bin Lightly Sparkling Rosé 2020 750ML

Look, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of something. Even if the person doesn’t drink it, it makes a great re-giftable item and there’s always a BYO or a BBQ lurking around the corner.

And if you’re going to go with a bottle, go for something fun, festive and fizzy like Villa Maria’s Lightly Sparkling rosé. It’s a summer crowd pleaser.

Villa Maria Lightly Sparkling Rosé, $14.99

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I (Emma) always think secret santa gifts should be both festive and a little bit ridiculous (tis the season) and this candy-scented body wash is both of those things, in that it is pink, glittery and smells like you are bathing in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Any age of human will enjoy this, because who doesn’t want to feel like the Sugar Plum Fairy when they bathe? Plus, it’s only available at Christmas time and that’s special!

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, from $14.90

Go-To Transformazing Mask

Go-To is one of our favourite skincare brands at Capsule and this wee mask is truly the GOAT of all face masks. It’s perfect for pepping your skin up when you need it to look its best – which makes it a fab little gift!

Te serum-drenched mask transforms dull and dehydrated skin, leaving you with a glowing, luminous look. The blend of natural botanicals, including kakadu plum, finger lime and pepper leaf, along with skin-boosting niacinamide and hyadisine, work to plump and brighten your complexion in just 10 minutes.

Go-To Transformazing Mask, $12

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