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Ask a Wedding Planner: What’s In, What’s Out & What NOT to Waste Your Money On When Planning a Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most overwhelming tasks you can do – the food! The flowers! The weird uncles you have to invite and the annoying requests from your mother-in-law!

To quote the Mitre 10 sandpit kid, she’s a pretty big job. So we’ve enlisted the thoughts, opinions and advice from New Zealand’s top wedding planners to help you out in the planning stages.

First up, we have director of PS I Love You events, Astrid Braid, who shares her wedding planning secrets. Top tip? Vintage is DEAD, people!

Kia ora Astrid! Tell us, what do you think the are biggest trends at the moment when it comes to planning a wedding?

YOU are the trend! Focus on what defines you as a couple, not what the latest trend is telling you to do. We are finding our clients want to add an element of surprise to their events – a shift from the expected to the unexpected. 

And what do you think has fallen out of favour? 

Neon signs had a fabulous run there for a while! They’re still fun, but they are now more generic than unique.

What do you personally think is a waste of money?

Swap your printed save the dates for e-save the dates. And a photo booth is fun, but you have a professional photographer on hand, utilise them! 

What do you think the most important thing to include in a wedding celebration is? 

It’s about creating an experience, not just a pretty space. You want purpose-led design and fluidity between spaces, and keeping your guests engaged and interested is key – as well as ensuring the space looks incredible.

The experience is the most important thing. Image @psiloveyouevents

Do you think there’s a perfect ‘size’ for a wedding in terms of guests? 

There is no-one-size-fits-all with weddings, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. A wedding celebration should be remembered long after the party ends. Invite people that you love and people who enhance the vibe. A wedding is not meant for seat warmers.

Where should people start with planning a wedding? 

With PS. I Love You Events of course!

What are some of the more thoughtful and ‘different’ elements people can include in their weddings to make it more thoughtful?

We recently designed a wedding for a fabulous client who taped their wedding bands under their guest chairs, and as such, were the surprise honorary ring bearers!

If there is one trend you wish would die, what would it be?

Anything overly vintage or rustic. Pretty teacups and bunting have done their dash! It’s a hard no from us.

What elements make the biggest impact?

We recognised the visual value floral brings to an event many years ago, which is why we have an in-house team of floral wizards (PS. Floral), who take every space to a whole new level and beyond. Florals are typically your largest styling tool, you want to get them right. They need to be both cohesive with the design, and the colour palette must work in harmony with your linens, stationery and furniture to create a seamless visual. Flowers soften a space, and are the easiest way to add colour, be that vibrant or muted tones.

Flowers are everything! Image: @psiloveyouevents

Chairs are also important, they are the most repetitive pieces of furniture within the space. Ensuring the style and colour of your chairs work with the concept is integral to the overall visual.

Do you have any advice for couples on a budget?

If you are on a budget, work out what is truly important to you as a couple. Is it having a ‘big’ wedding with everyone you love and more in attendance but keeping the styling minimalistic? Or is it reducing the guest list to a more intimate event and elevating the design?

If you were planning your own wedding right now, what would it look like? 

I would never have time to plan my own wedding!

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