Sunday, October 1, 2023

Encapsulated: Glow Up NZ Mentor Tane Tomoana

He’s gorgeous, he’s talented, he’s on the speed dial of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Tane Tomoana is the Creative Director at Dry & Tea salons and has chopped the locks of Anika Moa, Hollie Smith and, of course, our wonderful PM. As one of the new mentors for TVNZ’s Glow Up NZ, Tane is here to share just a few of his favourite things.

  • The TV show you put on when you want to relax? Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
  • The song that never fails to move you? Whitney Houston Home. She performed it in her first ever TV appearance at 19 years old. The song was originally sung by Diana Ross for the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical The Wiz.
  • The travel you think about the most? Anything will do during these times, outside of Auckland (I write this on the eve of Auckland finding out how much longer we stay at level 3)!
  • The travel you still need to do? See above!
  • The movie that never fails to make you cry? 13th
  • The colour you’d paint the wall of your lounge right now? Liquorice
  • The possession you have that’s your most prized?  My vintage resin Pania lamp, it was our night light growing up and my grandmother left it to me.
  • The challenge you’re most proud of conquering? I had a fear of public speaking or anything like that, so I am definitely most proud of doing Glow Up NZ, it was so far out of my comfort zone but it was so worth it.
  • The happiest memory that comes to mind? My very first memory is being in my grandmother’s arms and I never strayed far from them.
  • The one celebrity that you’d have over for dinner?  Beyoncè
  • The person you’d like to say thank you to the most?  My Mum, Dad, sister and mostly my Down Syndrome brother. He will never know how grateful we are for what he has brought to our lives.
  • The thing you keep meaning to pick up from Kmart but never get around to? All of the things at Kmart. Am I right?
  • The number one item on your shopping list right now?  I’m not much of a drinker…. but wine, while we’re in lockdown. And Santal 33 – Le Labo is number one on my online shopping list.
  • The fictional character that most reminds me of myself is? Mr G

The Famous Mr G from Summer Heights High
  • The quote or lyric that motivates me or sums me up is? Well I don’t think this Mark Twain quote sums me up, but it never ceases to take my breath away every time I read it “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it”.
  • The thing I wanted to be when I was a kid?  An architect or fashion designer
  • The changes I hope to see happening in NZ over the next year? More Māori voices at the table. The resignation of [Oranga Tamariki CEO] Grainne Moss. Way less racism, and for white NZ to stop pretending it isn’t racist cos comment sections and my lived experience tell such a different story.  I would love to see us get through Covid-19 without doing too much more harm to all our communities. I feel very grateful to be in NZ.

Glow Up NZ is streaming on TVNZ OnDemand, with new episodes every Wednesday.

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