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So You’re a Fan of ‘Fool Me Once’? Here’s What to Watch Next…

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Were you a fan of Fool Me Once? Whether you’re looking for a new TV recommendation, what to read next, or what to line-up next in your podcast queue, we’ve got you covered, with our new entertainment series. We’ll be working our way through new or popular TV shows, movies, books/authors and podcasts and will then match-make you with other suggestions for you to try!

If you’ve been on Netflix recently you will no doubt have seen the trailers and pop ups for Fool Me Once – the streamer’s first big hit of the year. It’s been sitting at number one on the charts both here and in the UK and US for weeks (it amassed more than 61 MILLION global viewing hours in its first two weeks alone!).

But if you’re not one of those avid viewers, here’s a quick run-down of the show. It’s a British mystery-drama and is based on a best-selling Harlan Coben novel (there’s now two more Netflix screen adaptations in the works!) starring Michelle Keegan (she used to be on Coronation Street) and Richard Armitage (Lord of the Rings). Without giving away too much of the plot, Michelle stars as Maya Stern, a former army-captain who is very recently widowed. She begins to search for answers when she spots her deceased husband (Richard Armitage) on a nanny camera. The cast also includes Joanna Lumley who is sensational, playing Maya’s mother-in-law.

If you haven’t watched it and are in the mood for a binge (perhaps it’s started raining again?!), give it a go! I mean, the show is absolutely deranged and insane, but also very watchable?

Or, maybe you’ve already plowed your way through the eight-part series and looking for what to watch next?

We’re here to help! Here’s our recommendations for thrillers that are kinda similar:

Stay Close

Ok, so although Fool Me Once is getting all the attention this year, it’s actually the eighth show that Netflix has adapted from one of Harlan Coben’s novels. Personally, I think a better version was this one, Stay Close. And I’m not the only one. It has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 80% of Google Users liked it (although it only has a 6.9 rating on imdb).

It stars Richard Armitage (a total theme of these shows) as Ray, James Nesbitt (You will recognise him – he’s been in a zillion things, including Lord of the Rings) as Broome and Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife) as Megan.

The story follows the three characters: There’s Ray, who was a once-promising documentary photographer who is now stuck in a dead-end job, pandering to celebrity-obsessed rich kids. Then Broome, who is a detective, still haunted by a missing person’s cold case, which he just can’t let go of. And finally Megan, a working mother of three who is caught off guard when an old friend from her past delivers some shocking news that will impact on all three characters – threatening to ruin their lives, as well as the lives of all of those around them.

Where to watch it: Netflix


I weirdly took a long time to watch this series because somehow I thought it was an adaptation of THE Bodyguard (as in the Whitney Houston / Kevin Costner movie) and I didn’t want to taint the film by watching a crappy TV remake. I was SO wrong.

This slick, quite sexy (particularly for the Brits!) thriller starring Richard Madden (Game of Thrones, Eternals) as David Budd, a former soldier who is suffering from PTSD. His new job is as a private security personnel for high-profile targets in London (a totally stress-free job for someone struggling with PTSD, obviously).

David is tasked with running protection for a powerful politician, Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes from Spooks and Line of Duty) he finds himself stuck between his duty and values – Julia’s politics represent everything he despises. Might David actually be the biggest threat to Julia’s safety?

Where to watch it: Netflix

The Stranger

This is another veeeery similar show to Fool Me Once. Again, yes, it’s another Netflix/Harlan Coben show. And YES, again it stars Richard Armitage. At this point, all these shows might be melting into one, because it again follows a lead character who seems to be living a perfect life.

This time around it’s Adam (Richard Armitage), a happily-married doting father, whose life suddenly unravels when he takes his son to soccer practice. There, Adam is approached by a mysterious stranger (Hannah John-Kamen from Killjoys and Ready Player One) who reveals a shocking secret about his wife, Corinne (Dervla Kirwan from Ballykissangel and Smother).

But, before Adam can ask Corinne about it, she disappears. The more he looks for the truth, more secrets are revealed.

If you enjoyed Fool Me Once, you’ll definitely enjoy this one – it also has lots of twists and turns and each episode ends in a cliff-hanger (not good if you’d promised yourself you’d only watch one more before going to bed).

Where to watch it: Netflix


This show is pretty similar in that it’s a thriller that has you guessing (right up until the closing moments), featuring a beautiful British couple who have a pretty twisted love story.

It stars Jenna Coleman (Victoria, Me Before You) as Liv and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Haunting of Hill House) as Will. Again, on the outside everything seems perfect at first – the pair appear to have the perfect marriage and a glamorous new life in New York.

But, things turn completely twisted when Liv learns of her husband’s infidelity. In an effort to try to reconnect and make amends, Will takes them on a road trip to America’s beautiful National Parks – but unfortunately, Liv doesn’t have reconciliation on her mind. She’s only thinking about revenge.

Where to watch it: Prime

The Undoing

If you missed this show when it came out in 2020, now is the time to watch it (or even do a repeat watch – who can remember anything clearly from 2020?!?).

It’s a lot slicker and sophisticated than Fool Me Once, with an A-list cast and an equally edge-of-your-seat kind of plot.

Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, who play a wealthy couple living in New York. Grace is a successful therapist who has a devoted husband and young son who attends an elite private school in the city. But, overnight a chasm opens in her life – in the form of a woman, Elena Alves (Robbing Mussolini). Elena is a fellow mother at the school, but doesn’t have the same material or social advantages as the others. She is, however, stunningly beautiful.

But suddenly, after Grace and her husband hold a lavish fundraiser at their home, that Elena attended, she is discovered murdered. Jonathan is uncontactable, leading Grace on a desperate search for answers.

It also stars Donald Sutherland as Grace’s dad, who is phenomenal.

Where to watch it: Neon

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