Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Top OnlyFans Creator Tells All: The Weirdest Requests & How the Platform Helped Her Love Her Plus-Size Figure

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In what might be a lesson in body confidence from the most unlikely of places, a top OnlyFans creator and life coach Audrey Aura lifts the lid on what it’s like to be a plus-sized adult content creator – and some of the strangest requests her followers have asked her to do!

A top 0.4% OnlyFans creator, known as Audrey Aura, has revealed some of the most ‘bizarre’ requests she has had from fans on the subscription site – and honestly, nothing surprises us anymore!

Audrey signed up to the site in March 2020 and received her first custom request within her first month, and continued to get regular requests that are not what you would expect. 

“I was super surprised when my first custom request was simply a video of myself star-jumping, but nude.” Audrey says. “I was more than willing to comply, but it definitely wasn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve done, physically speaking. Large breasts and jumping don’t go well together, even when a sports bra is involved. Doing star-jumps while turning in a circle to show all angles, was probably the most painful request I’ve ever done.” 

Audrey says that as a plus-size creator, she was worried about how she would fit into the industry and how successful she could become as someone who does not meet the typical beauty standards set by society. But, she quickly realised that all body shapes and sizes are embraced on OnlyFans, and she found huge success. Audrey went from making just $14 in her first month, to earning $38,500 in January 2022, less than two years later. 

“OnlyFans has given me the opportunity to embrace my body and have more confidence in myself than ever before, and it’s also opened my eyes to see how many people have interest in plus size individuals. One of my most highly requested content is simply jiggling my tummy, or my thighs, or jumping around and showing my fat. I think it’s empowering to know that plus-size people aren’t always seen as disgusting, like society portrays us, and there are people who see us as beautiful and sexy.” 

Before becoming a content creator, Audrey was constantly battling her body image, and was surprised when she received multiple requests similar to the above mentioned. “I’m not surprised by anything anymore, honestly. I think I’ve heard it all now, and even though I’ve turned down many requests, I’m always open to new ideas and never shame anyone for their interests.” 

Audrey references a particular fan who supported her from the start of her career, as she says: “He would send me hundreds of dollars for dozens of slow-motion videos, and each one would have it’s own detailed description and story line,” Audrey remembers.

“He even made a spreadsheet to explain his ideas, and so that I could easily keep track of what videos I still had to film for him. Those were my favourite requests, because they were easy, fun, and rarely explicit.” Audrey says sometimes the videos would require a particular camera angle that she wasn’t able to achieve with a tripod, and she would call her husband- yes, husband -into the room to be her camera man for these wild requests, and he would always help after a giggle to himself. 

“Yes, I do have a husband!” she tells. “We have been together for five years and married for one, so I started doing OnlyFans after we had been together for three years already and had a son together, who is now nearly 4. 

“He has been supportive since day one, and has always seen it as a career. When I first brought it up he was surprised but supportive, and told me if I really wanted to try it, that was fine with him. We discussed boundaries and expectations, and I started an account. To begin with, I was always checking with him to make sure he was still okay with it, and that I wasn’t crossing any boundaries, and he eventually told me to stop asking and he’d tell me if there was anything he wasn’t comfortable with. To this day, he hasn’t had to say anything because we discussed boundaries and those haven’t changed so far. “

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