I Think I’d Like To Try… A Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Toys (Where to Begin & What NOT To Do!)

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Welcome to ‘I Think I’d Like to Try…’, our series with our pals at Adulttoymegastore and their lovely sexpert Emma Hewitt, where we answer all your questions about sex-related topics that you might want to know from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about! (And check out our I’ll Have What She’s Having Sex Toy Reviews here if you’re looking for a bedside draw friend!) In this edition, Emma takes us through one of the most underrated areas of adult fun times – nipple toys!

Well, well, well, we’ve finally reached the nipples! Instagram may have banned them but that’s no reason to overlook this pleasure-filled area. Nipple toys are any type of sex toy that is designed with nipple stimulation in mind. They might pinch, vibrate, circle, lick or even suck. Yup, any way you like your nipples played with, there is a toy for it. 

Why are people into it?

Our nipples have so much pleasure potential! They are an erogenous zone which is an area of heightened sensitivity that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated. Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings which makes them feel super sensitive when they are touched. Plus, nipple stimulation shoots off sparks in the genital sensory cortex, the same area of the brain that becomes aroused by vaginal, clitoral, or penile stimulation. This is why many people find nipple play to be so erotic.  

Nipple toys know no gender

Remember that it’s not just women that have nipples and they are still a stimulatory organ for men and gender diverse folks! They also have the glands, nerves and surrounding tissue that make nipple play feel pleasurable. However, some men may feel less sensitive as the nerves are more densely located. Our bodies are all different and so are our reactions to nipple stimulation. This is one of those things that some people love and others hate. 

Before you dive in…

It sounds obvious, but make sure you actually like nipple stimulation first. Try sucking, pulling, or touching with hands or a tongue. If you don’t like this type of nipple stimulation, chances are you won’t like nipple toys either. These toys can feel very intense and even purposely painful (depending on the toy you choose) so make sure you understand what each toy does before you start to play. 

Ok, let’s dive in! 

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are the most common type of nipple toy, but they are also the most intense. It’s a toy that can result in both pleasure but also pain (if that’s what you’re into) and they are a popular tool for BDSM power play roles with a dominant and a submissive partner. But they can be used in any sort of play.

Using nipple clamps alters the blood flow throughout the nipple which creates a new sensation. When you clamp the nipples, you will feel an intense pressure and pinching feeling. You can then tug on the clamps to increase that pressure or try sucking and kissing them to experience the difference in sensation the clamps provide. Or, just leave them attached and carry on with other play!

While they are fun to wear (and look super cool!), the real fun comes when you remove the clamps. Once removed, the blood rushes back into the clamped area which can be an extremely pleasurable and exhilarating experience.

With that blood rush comes a sharp flow of pain and endorphins at the same time. It’s great to match this with an orgasm for an extremely intense experience. You can also remove them if you feel like you need an endorphin boost at any time during your session.

As your nipples will feel so sensitive, this is a good time to give them a lot of attention, or completely ignore them if any stimulation is now too much! It’s basically hands-free nipple play. The sensation continues while your hands stay free to roam elsewhere. 

There are many clamp styles, with some having a lot more pinch than others. I recommend sticking to a bull nose or tweezer style if you are new to nipple clamps. The Playful Tassel Clamps by California Exotics use a bull nose clamp with rubber-coated tips for a bit of padding. These are an adjustable style with a small round knob to adjust how much the clamps will pinch. The Adjustable Nipple Clamps by Fredericks of Hollywood use a tweezer style with a small metal ring that moves up and down the clamp to increase or decrease the pinch. 

A quick word on nipple clamp safety

As nipple clamps are used to alter the blood flow throughout the clamped area, you need to get it right so you don’t cause temporary loss of sensation or even permanent nerve damage.

Get the nipples erect first and apply the clamps at the base of the nipple closest to the areola. Never let the clamp jaws shut suddenly. Determine where you want the clamp to sit and slowly release it. The sensation comes from the pressure, not a sudden sharp pain! 

Ensure you stick to about 10 minutes of use at a time. Nipple clamps reduce blood flow to the nipple and can be dangerous if left on for too long. As your nipples become used to the sensation of clamps, you can gradually increase the time they are worn. And always look out for the colour of your nipples, if your skin is turning purple, take them off. 

Nipple Suckers

If you want to try something a little less intense, nipple suckers might be a better option. These work to increase sensitivity and sensation with less of a pinch. There are two main sucker styles (that’s fun to say), one with a bulb to create suction, and one that uses vacuum pressure. 

The bulb-style suckers work using suction to attach to the nipples. You just press them on firmly and squeeze the bulb to create a good seal. If you are struggling, pop a bit of water-based lube around the rim of the toy to assist with attaching it. The harder you squeeze the bulb, the more intense the sensation will feel. When you want to remove the sucker, lift one edge of the toy to break the seal and it will pop off. 

The vacuum pressure suckers use a twist top knob to remove the air from the cylinder and create a seal by drawing your nipples into the space. This style allows for more control over the pressure on your nipple as you can turn the knob in small increments and allow your body to adjust. 

Nipple Vibrators

Of course, there’s no need to attach a toy directly to your nipple to explore nipple stimulation. All sorts of external vibrators will work here too, particularly those designed for the clitoris as they tend to have a narrower tip making them ideal for nipple stim too. Plus, you can use these on other parts of your body too, which is a bonus of choosing a nipple vibrator. 

Pinpoint vibrators like the Satisfyer Twirling Fun are ideal for nipple play. They have a long handle and a thin end for stimulating the body. The smaller tip targets the sensation in a small area making it feel pretty intense. The silicone tip vibrates and also moves quickly in small rotations. It’s the perfect tool for partnered or solo play. 

Another great option is a tongue-style vibrator, these are particularly popular for those that love the feeling of their nipples being licked. The Fantasy For Her Tongue-gasm (hilarious name!) has a silicone tongue that vibrates and also flicks up and down to replicate the movement of a real tongue. Just remember to lube it up so it can glide across your body. 

Even your trusty SP2 can be used to stimulate your nipples.

Suction toys are famously good nipple toys. Okay, maybe not famously….yet! But they should be. They create a light sucking sensation and increase blood flow through the area making you feel more sensitive. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a soft silicone tip and lots of levels of intensity so you can find the perfect one to suit you. The lower levels are great for those who have sensitive nipples but enjoy a light sucking sensation. 

Nipple toys can offer pleasure, pain and literally everything in between so do your reading before you buy to ensure that you are getting a toy that can give you the feeling you are looking for. I’m all for exploration but not in place of actual pleasure. Remember that sex toys are designed to feel good!

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