Friday, June 9, 2023

Not Feeling Festive This Year? We’re Giving You Permission To Skip Christmas

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Some years, you might just want to skip Christmas and guess what? You’re an adult, and you can (within reason).

I don’t want to get grim here, but the worst Christmas of my life (thus far) was the one where I was supposed to be getting married – and then wasn’t.

Two years later, I can confidently say to you that actually it was a blessing for all involved. But at the time? Boy, did I want to keep anyone feeling the festive spirit well away from me.

For me, Christmas 2018 wasn’t about trees or presents or turkey or Santa, it was about gritting my teeth through the final dregs of a very bad year.

So if this is your state this year, if the idea of forcing merriment sounds as appealing as a cold ham sandwich – let me be the first to give you the permission slip you need.

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas this year. You just don’t! The world won’t end. Children are adaptable. There are approximately nine million Christmas traditions that we all feel pressured to take part in and if you tell someone you’re taking Christmas off, they’ll probably just be envious.

This year has been bananas, so I say lean in to the crazy and just use one of the many terrible news events (plus the ongoing pandemic) as a reason to take a break from the expectations and madness.

Need an excuse? Here’s a bunch: Money is tight! You got a great last minute Book-A-Bach deal! You’re with your neighbour this year because their family are stuck in London, what a shame! You’re actually pagan now, so Christmas isn’t for you this year! 

Sometimes celebrating the end of the year means literally that – marking the end of a period of time that you are very glad to see the back of. Some years are not about thriving, they are about surviving – and surviving the past few years have been a heck of an ask for a lot of people. So if you’re not feeling it, don’t force yourself to put on a show for other people. Ask yourself: What do I need, in my heart of hearts, this December? And then put a plan into place.

Christmas doesn’t have to be an event. It’s just a day. So spend it as you would any other and enjoy the peace and quiet. And stay off social media! Actually, that rule is a good one at any time of year. 

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