Friday, December 8, 2023

The ONLY Retinol You Ever Need? We Try Out Elizabeth Arden’s New Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream

Capsule’s quest for the perfect skincare solutions continues with this little gem of a cream that promises the world. Does it deliver?

Capsule x Elizabeth Arden

You know us at Capsule – skincare is life (mostly because we’re made up of four women in their 30s and 40s who WISHED they knew what a peptide or ceramide was when they were in their early 20s and are now trying to undo the damage of being early 2000’s basics).

We’re obsessed with the best and brightest stuff to slather on our skin because we want the face to hold up to gravity and fully heal from our vodka mudshake era. But also, skincare is selfcare. It’s our time – sometimes the only time of the day – where just for a second we’re doing something nice for ourselves.

And yes sure, the ravages of time are also catching up to us faster than a Taylor Swift concert sells out. So enter the chat, retinol!

You’ve heard about retinol. Or retinal. Or retinoids. You know they’re good. You have NO bloody idea why. You also know that Elizabeth Arden’s HALLOWED ceramide is the absolute gold-standard when it comes to keeping that skin looking lush.

Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream

What is it?

This little beauty is actually quite an innovative cream as it promises HUGE results, but is also gentle enough for those with more sensitive skin who struggle with traditional retinol.

Combining traditional retinol with HPR – a next-generation retinoid that’s 10 times more powerful than pure retinol – we’re playing in the big leagues here when it comes to visibly smoothing lines and wrinkles (hallelujah). They’re combined with power peptides for collagen support, phytoceramides to keep the skin barrier strong, bisabolol and ginger root for their soothing properties and the OG hyaluronic acid to keep everything moist (sorry) and plump.

What actually is retinol? It’s a derivative of vitamin A that helps cells regenerate and is the beauty industry’s current darling for its power-punch of benefits for the skin. It’s great for ageing and it’s great for repairing. However it can be strong, so caution is needed when you first start to use it (as well as finding a more gentle product like this one!). Also, you must – MUST – always wear sunblock if you’ve uses anything with a retinoid in it, as your new cells are not as hardy against the elements.

Why should you use Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream

This water cream does a lot of heavy lifting by combining so many powerhouse ingredients into one little bottle (a minimalist’s dream!). Combining the two different retinoids is just like you when you’re trying to get out of the door in the morning in a semi-presentable state WITH everything you need for the day AND the kids AND everything THEY need for the day. It’s a multi-tasking miracle and we are here for it.

She’s all about smoothing, firming and bringing forth younger-looking skin by visibly reducing wrinkles, dark sports and pores; improving clarity, texture and tone and making skin look radiant, healthy and like you actually had a decent sleep.

In a consumer study, 97% of women agreed that their skin looked smoother, 95% reckoned it looked healthier, and 93% said their skin was more radiant after one week of using the cream. After one month, 100% said skin looked firmer, and that there was a reduction of lines and wrinkles.

What did WE think?

First of all we need to chat about the actual texture of this cream because my LORD she is glorious. So light! So smooth! I loved how it just glided onto my skin and absorbed instantly – I’m not a fan of thick creams that just kind of sit on the skin and pill off. It’s a luxurious experience that makes you feel fantastic even before you see what’s happening with your skin. My skin felt instantly plumper and softer and slotted into the rest of my skincare routine effortlessly (like I say team, SPF is a non-negotiable!).

I’ve used this for two weeks day and night (as someone who has used retinol for a long time I was confident to jump right in, but if you’re new to retinoids, start with it twice a week and slowly build up) and my God, I have a glow about me that I’m just loving. I have one of those deep frown lines in the middle of my eyebrows that I know NO cream on the planet will ever move, but it’s somehow softened a little, as have the little lines around my eyes that I actually kind of love bit would like to keep at bay just a tad.

But for me it’s the smoothness of my skin that’s the biggest change. My pores seem smaller and my makeup is gliding on SO much easier and looks so much better, both in person and in photos. It’s one of those creams that gives you confidence in your skin – you actually WANT to walk around bare-faced because no foundation is going to give you the glow that your real skin is providing, and I love that.

I’m also a big fan of the push pump that doesn’t allow air into the product, meaning it stays effective for so much longer (and honestly it’s just fun to use).

The verdict? If you’re looking for a super-star hard-worker that can replace quite a few of your serums, or you’re keen to venture into the world of retinol in a gentle, effective way, this baby is for you.

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