Working from Home? What Are You Wearing?! How Elevated Loungewear Can Help Your Productivity

If you’re still working from home (the dream!) then you’ll know the motivation to get out of bed and get to your desk/table/couch can be tough. But can clothes help? We speak to founder of Kiwi loungewear brand Moin, Lisa Niemann, about how important it is to get yourself into ‘work mode’ – and how what you wear can help.

Hi Lisa! Loungewear as a category has exploded in the last few years since Covid – but even though the world is moving on, it seems people don’t want to leave their loungewear behind! Why do you think this is? 

Over the last few years, people have put a lot of effort into making their homes feel like an oasis for comfort and focus, to boost wellbeing and effective working from home. At the same time, people are craving to explore again. 

This has changed the way people approach their wardrobe choices too — comfort and convenience have become paramount. Jeans just don’t cut it anymore. And with elevated loungewear options now available, people have come to realise that comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The loungewear trend isn’t going anywhere, because it caters to this new way of living as individuals want to move between home and public settings with ease. 

Moin co-founder Lisa Niemann

Heaps of us work from home now, at least some of the time. What are people looking for in their WFH attire?

Many women I spoke to, and men alike, are looking for a relaxed WFH wardrobe that doesn’t sacrifice style — comfort and fashion need to be synonymous. People working from home seek effortless outfits they don’t have to think about too much in the morning, knowing they will look put together whilst being comfortable all day – outfits that transition from the home office to popping out for coffee or running errands. 

Productivity when WFH is a HUGE issue – it’s so easy to gravitate back towards Netflix and the couch! How do you think elevated loungewear helps people get into ‘work mode’?

Clothes have an incredible impact on how we feel. Getting ready in the morning and starting the day right gives us a confidence boost, and therefore helps to feel ‘in the zone’. 

I know this all too well. Before I went hybrid, I was a remote worker for two and a half years WFH. I needed to find ways to feel good right from the moment I got up and my wardrobe choices played a huge role in this. Putting something on that looked and felt good on and off video calls made me feel like I was taking care of myself and projecting that into my professional life. 

Fashion also has a huge impact on people’s moods and outlook – and let’s be honest, we could all do with a little positivity right now! Do you think how you present yourself, even if it’s at home, helps this?

Self-care is fundamental to human wellbeing, giving us the energy and confidence we need to show our best selves in every area of life. Our wardrobe choices play an inspiring role here – it’s a powerful influence on how we see ourselves. It is part of self-care, which is something each of us is responsible for as an individual. Placing as much emphasis on how we look and feel at home, as we do in public settings, creates a holistic lifestyle that positively impacts the way we experience life. I love this about fashion and how elevated loungewear can support a positive state of mind. 

Tell us a little about Moin – what was the inspiration to start the brand, and what is the ethos?

Moin was inspired by the changing needs we have all felt during the pandemic. Like so many others, I formed rituals of self-care to get me through. Habits which continue to be incredibly important post-pandemic. I wanted something to wear around the house that was comfortable, looked good and made me feel good. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, and I didn’t want to settle for tights that I knew wouldn’t transition out of the home post-pandemic. 

That’s how Moin was born. We make beautiful loungewear that is chic, comfortable and versatile enough to wear out and about. The brand’s ethos stems from feeling a responsibility not to add to the growing environmental issues in the world, which led us to partner with like-minded New Zealand makers to create products that are made with minimal impact to the environment. Our goal is to bring a sense of calm, relaxation and joy to people’s daily rituals. 

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