I Bought Skims… and WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD!? Our Review & What’s Worth the Money… & What’s NOT

Kelly Bertrand and Bel Crawford bite the bullet and buy Skims – are they worth the hype? What’s the sizing like? And should you buy them too?

Kelly’s story:

It was a moment of equal parts celebration, equal parts despair. Celebration because once I pulled on my Skims bodysuit and saw how snatched my stomach was I was THRILLED, and despair because I knew I’d just given $100 of my money – and now probably more – to Kim Kardashian. Oh Kelly, what have you done!?

But, in my defence, the universe pretty much made my buy Skims. My algorithm was relentless – I couldn’t open my phone without seeing an ad. And also, my jeans are, ahem, uncomfortably tight because obviously the dryer shrunk them. Obviously.

In a moment of weakness, three rosé’s deep (could THAT explain the tight jeans….) that I bit the bullet and ordered myself a Skims Sculpting Thong Bodysuit.

In a remarkably short amount of time – I ordered on a Thursday and it arrived on a Tuesday, and that was over Easter AND it was coming from the US, so super-impressive there, plus it was free shipping – I had my hot little hands on a leotard that looked like it belonged on a Cabbage Patch Doll.

But as I pulled it on, I couldn’t help but marvel at how my body looked. Your girl was snatched, honey – the tummy was in, the waist was defined, the boobs were supported. The aforementioned jeans suddenly had space – SPACE – between the waistband and my stomach. THAT’S an Easter miracle I can get behind.

I posted to my Instagram that I’d bought and loved Skims, and I have never had such a flood of feedback from my friends, either confirming that ey too had bought Skims and loved them, or else asking for sizing and fit advice (for your reference, I’m a size 12 and got a L).

So, figuring if so many of my mates were curious, I thought Capsule readers would be too. I’m now throwing over to our resident Skims expert Bel, whose bought a few things from Kimmy K, for her what to buy guide – and what NOT to waste your money on.

Bel’s expert tips:

As I’m writing this, I got a notification that there’s a new episode of The Kardashians on Disney+. Kimberly, are you watching me?

My Skims #journey began when I fell victim to buying the viral Skims dress – let me introduce you to her as the first Skims option I reckon is totally worth your money:


The Soft Lounge Dress

The Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress went viral for a reason. It cinches in all the right places and has thousands of reviews raving about how flattering it looks -once I put it on I started prancing around like Kimmy K herself. You can dress it up or down, the fabric feels soft on your skin, it’s comfortable and let me tell you, it looks chic!

There are a number of dupes of the viral dress – I have inspected some of them as the self-appointed quality control officer I think I am, but the quality isn’t as good and you would probably end up buying the real deal anyway.

So naturally, coming into the colder months I convinced myself I needed the long sleeved version as well (it didn’t take much, just one late night shopping purchase. Aren’t those the best types of dopamine hits?!).

The Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps

Like Kelly and despite my boyfriend telling me not to give my money to “that woman”,  I caved and bought a Sculpting Bodysuit. I went with the full brief one, I didn’t want to risk it being too short in the body and give myself a g-string wedgie (we’ve all been there right?!). When I took it out of its packaging it looked like togs for an infant! Don’t stress though, like some kind of sorcery the fabric stretches perfectly when you put it on. I’m considering repurchasing in a nude-coloured option too, as a girl needs options depending on the colour of her outfit!


The Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

From my Skims purchasing experience (and IMHO) you can save your money on The Cotton Jersey T-Shirt. It fits really well, but after a couple of washes there was pilling under the armpit and the fabric isn’t quality enough to warrant the pricey $USD to $NZD conversion. My mum drummed into me to wash my clothes on a delicate cycle, and this didn’t go through a dryer either. I was surprised because everyone raves about this t-shirt and the famous Fits Everybody T-shirt!

The Cotton Rib Boxers

I’m conflicted because I wanted to love the Cotton Rib Boxers so much and I DO – but I don’t think the fabric quality matches the $62 price tag. (I know I’m ashamed of myself too.) My favourite TikTok creator wears the matching set with a tank top as pyjamas, which made me want them. They’re comfortable but one thing to note is the stitching around the thighs isn’t elasticated. There is a Soft Lounge Boxer product which is made of a softer ribbed fabric.

So, will I go back for more purchases despite feeling conflicted about buying into the Kardashian empire? Probably. I’m keen to try their bras and underwear, but I’m not yet convinced if it’s worth spending $30 a pop on a pair of seamless undies when you can get a three pack from Kmart for $14, and they’re really good.

Some tips:

– Buy directly from the Skims website

– Shipping is free and fast!
– Sizing – their size guide is really helpful and goes from XXS to 5X.My trick to working out sizes while online shopping is to compare side by side with a size guide of a brand you know your size in. I recommend comparing with an activewear brand you wear when purchasing Skims. I got a size small-medium in the shapewear and a small in all other items. I thought I would need a medium in some styles as I have a DD bust, but the sizing is generous, my size guide hack didn’t let me down!

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