Want to Support Local? Introducing Buy Kiwi (And Our Top Picks from the Site You’ll Want to Add to Cart IMMEDIATELY)

Supporting local businesses has been on the top of everyone’s minds since the pandemic, and as we hurtle through a recession it’s never been more important to buy local. Thankfully, this has just become a lot easier, thanks to new local website Buy Kiwi which features only New Zealand businesses. Buy Kiwi is designed to connect New Zealanders to Kiwi-owned businesses with the goal of helping our economy thrive by making it easier than ever to buy local.

From homewares to fashion, kids and lifestyle – even automotive, health & beauty and electronics, everything is covered on this platform (trust us, you can spend HOURS on there).

So naturally, us being us, we decided to have a hoon around and come up with our top picks of Buy Kiwi:

Alice’s Top Picks:

It was while I was sending this list off that it really hit home that I am well and truly a MUM. It only occurred to me once the order was off, that I didn’t even think about what I might need or want – but, such is having kids, right? The change of season has meant there’s a lot more items on the wish-list at the moment (including a trip to Fiji?!) and thankfully, I found just about everything we could ever need, all in the one place (well, except for a holiday!). Here’s my top picks that I added to cart immediately (and received in the post ridiculously fast.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser

This one has been on the need-to-buy list for a while now, but the arrival of winter has moved it onto the ‘let’s get it now!’ list. Last year I “borrowed” my mum’s diffuser after the kids went from one stuffy nose to the next (not helped by having the heat pump or a heater on constantly, drying out the air in their bedrooms).

Humidifiers help immensely during the cold, dry winter months because they increase moisture in the air and can be used for dry coughs, colds, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, dry scratchy throats and congestion.

Ones like this Crane one, emit a cool mist (making it totally safe for kids) and can cover an area of up to 200 sq. ft. and go for 17-hours at a time. You can also use essential oils in them, or use it as a night light.

Lego Duplo Alphabet Town

A lovely friend bought my 15-month-old a Duplo train set for his first birthday and it is definitely one of his favourite toys. So, while this was certainly a gift for him, it was also a gift for me. Because, my God, I am beyond bored of the same few blocks. There’s been a lot of indoor play recently (when the sun comes out it is cause for celebration!).

This set has an entire 87 pieces – lots of blocks, windows, flowers and bits and pieces for making entire towns, cars and scenes (plus there’s a little dog and two people). Hurrah!

Petite Eats – Silicone Placemat

Eat and play time are a whole lot tidier with one of these little placemats. It’s made of super safe 100% silicone – it’s mould and bacteria resistant,  durable, reusable, non-stick, plus it’s dishwasher and oven safe, so can be used for a variety of uses. Personally, I’ve found it super handy for using as a traditional placemat (silicone bowls and plates suction to it, or it’s great on its own), or as a mat to play with anything messy or play dough, or in place of baking paper. Definitely recommend!

Insulated Stainless Steel Kids Bento Lunch Box 1.2L

Sixty-five bucks seems like a lot for a lunch box, but, now that we’re often on the go with little ones who can be quite particular about what temperature their meal is, this box is opening up lots of new opportunities during awake times!

Designed in Finland, this Misanbroo stainless steel bento box comes with three compartments. You can reheat food in it, by adding hot water to the tray – plus, you can even carry liquids in the different compartments, and they still magically stay sealed off from each other in their separate bits. It’s witchcraft!

Kelly’s top picks:

Aaaaaaaaand, my picks very firmly reinforce the fact that I DON’T have kids! We’re talking breakable bowls, going-out tops, a decorative candle and a chic little watch that’s been on my wish list for ages! (Honestly, you won’t believe the range on this website, it’s insane. I spent HOURS on there!) Here’s what I eventually added to cart:

Audrey Candle

God i’m a sucker for a decorative candle. Do I have too many of them already? Yes. Will I keep buying them? Hell yes. I love the simplicity of this one from local makers Blow My Wick.

Cabbage Bowl

I don’t know what it is about these bowls but every time I’ve gone into one of those fancy homewares shops, there’s been something in that that’s screamed ‘buy me!’ and when I saw these bad boys on the site, I knew it was time. I love the colour, the texture and the form of this bowl and it’s now sitting pride of place in my dining room.

Milano Bracelet

I don’t know why this is listed as a bracelet when it’s very clearly a watch but the minimal and unfussy design of this piece is most definitely a bit of me. I’ve never been a watch person, so this is the perfect model to try out and see if I actually use it. So far, so good!

Hudson Blouse (Dark Olive)

For some reason I never seem to have any ‘nice tops’ in the ‘jeans and a nice top’ equation – it’s either sequin going-out numbers or t-shirts, and nothing in between. This Stella + Gemma blouse sits somewhere in the middle and i’ve actually been surprised at how much I’ve worn it!

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