Friday, December 8, 2023

Sick of Everyone’s European Summer Insta Pics? Why You’re Better to Wait…

When is the best time to visit Mykonos? It may have given you the greatest amount of fomo watching people visit in the height of their summer – and our winter – but there’s actually a better time to go!

If, after a hard year with virtually no sun, you’ve been feeling rather jealous anytime you pick up your phone and scroll through insta and are immediately hit with pic after pic of sun-drenched, smiling friends enjoying the good life in Europe, you’re not alone. The fomo is real.

If it has made you vow that in 2024 or 2025 you’ll be the one posting from Greece, we’ve got some insider knowledge for you. Summer isn’t actually when you want to be in a hotspot like Mykonos. Our spring-time (their autumn) is actually the best time to visit. That means there’s even still time this year to pack your suitcase and catch the best of it if you’re motivated to go soon!

Here are six reasons why the best time to visit Mykonos is the shoulder season:

The weather 

Less hot, less humid, but with plenty of gorgeous sunshine, May, June, September, and October are magnificent months to visit Mykonos according to Vangelis Daktylides, Managing Director of Myconian Ambassador Hotel.. 

“During spring the water is refreshing, and temperatures range from a daily average of 22 degrees in May to 26 degrees in June – perfect weather for exploring the island without working up a sweat, strolling the boutiques of Mykonos Town or lingering over a long lunch with a view,” said Vangelis Daktylides. “Those who prefer to swim in warmer waters might prefer September or October when the peak summer season is over, the sun is still out, sunsets are as spectacular as ever, temperatures average between 21 and 25 degrees, and the island is returning to its normal rhythm.”

The crowds 

While for some the fun of visiting Mykonos in summer is the party vibe, celebrity spotting and watching the super yachts circling the island, for others, the crowded peak season isn’t the laidback holiday vibe they have in mind. 

“Those who don’t want to share the sights and sounds of Mykonos with crowds of tourists should visit during May and October, the very beginning and end of the tourist season, although if you’re keen on warmer weather and a festive ambience, but not peak crowds, September is an ideal month to visit,” he added.  

During the quieter months of early May and late October not all town restaurants will be open, but hotel venues, such as Efisia, Baos, Naros and Noa will be dishing up sensational seasonal produce for guests to enjoy from sun-up to sundown…and beyond. 

What’s on

Visitors during shoulder season can still enjoy a taste of Mykonos’ lively events, with the Harvest Festival in mid-September drawing crowds of local villages bearing food, wine, and freshly baked bread to the Agricultural Museum, and plenty of opportunity to dance to live musicians playing bagpipes and the ntoumpaki. 

During October, visitors can experience one of the island’s many chirosfagia – celebrations of the pig – featuring traditional dishes and songs courtesy of the Folklore Association of Women of Mykonos. 

Make time for history 

While many people think of glamorous beach clubs, boutique shopping and lively tavernas when they think of Mykonos, the island is also famous as the ‘jumping off’ point for exploring the ancient ruins of the nearby island of Delos. 

“Delos is one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, with ferries departing regularly from the harbour in Mykonos Town. Guests of the Myconian Collection hotels wanting to visit Delos in supreme style can charter a private yacht and enjoy champagne and canapes on the way to discover the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ruins – and the home of the Greek Gods of Artemis and Apollo. ancient home of Artemis and Apollo,” said Daktylides.

Go to town 

Renowned for its whitewashed houses, cobbled alleyways, climbing fuchsias and designer shopping, there is an Instagram opportunity around every corner in Mykonos Town, and during shoulder season the thinned-out crowds and cooler temperatures are ideal for meandering stores and museums at your own pace. 

Pocket-friendly pricing 

Let’s face it, Mykonos is an island for lovers of luxury rather than a haven for backpackers – and the high-end experience is worth every cent. However, those looking to experience the magic of Mykonos on a tighter budget may find significant savings on the price of accommodation and airfares during May and October.

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