Friday, December 8, 2023

The Cheapest Travel Destinations to Travel For the Christmas Holidays

Want to do something different for Christmas this year? Dreaming of travelling overseas? We’ve found the best holiday destinations at Christmas, that won’t break the bank.

School holidays are a notoriously expensive time to travel.

With inflated flight and hotel prices, it’s often tempting to just skip Christmas holiday travel and stay home.

But this isn’t always the case! It’s all about finding the right places to travel to.

Thankfully, Agoda has taken a look at the data to find the cheapest destinations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve travel around Asia Pacific.

Agoda analysed the average room rates of tourist destinations between December 22-31 to pinpoint exactly where you can travel on a budget.

From bustling beaches and thrilling theme parks to spiritual sanctuaries and foodie heavens, here are the top ten budget places to visit this holiday season.

10 – Busan, South Korea

Coming in at number 10 is the coastal South Korean city of Busan, with an average room rate of $245.

The city has a unique combination of beautiful beaches, modern skyscrapers, traditional markets and cozy café-lined alleyways.

Christmas in Busan is a great time to see the annual drone light show which takes place every winter on the beach.

Each Saturday evening the show is made up of a jaw-dropping array of drone lights spread across the clear winter night sky.

9 – Melbourne, Australia

At number nine, we’ve got the only Australian city on this list, Melbourne, with average nightly room prices of $240.

It’s a very easy city to explore, with the world’s fourth largest tram system, so can easily be done on a budget.

Melbourne has long been dubbed Australia’s cultural capital, boasting a dynamic art scene, lively sporting events, world-famous artisan coffee, and thriving nightlife – along with that undeniable Melbourne charm.

8 – Taichung, Taiwan

Taiwan is often overlooked by Aussie holiday makers, but the inclusion of Taichung at number eight on this list might make you reconsider.

With an average hotel room price of $179, it’s an appealing destination. The city is known for its diverse range of tourist attractions and activities, whether you’re fond of exploring cultural relics, savouring delicious cuisine, or indulging in the wonders of nature.

7 – Nagoya, Japan

The fourth largest city in Japan, Nagoya is about two hours by train outside of Tokyo.

It’s a vibrant city that comes alive during the winter months, known for its stunning festive lights strung up every December.

Over the Christmas period, the average hotel rate in Nagoya is $166.

6 – Baguio, Philippines

The cool, crisp air of Baguio sets it apart from the rest of the tropical country, an idyllic respite from the typically hot and humid Philippines.

Designated a UNESCO Creative City, Baguio city also has a vibrant thrifting scene at the Night Market where you can find the best vintage items. 

The city is surrounded by strawberry farms which thrive thanks to the area’s unique topography, and nightly rates are around $148 per night.

5 – Goa, India

Regarded by some as the party capital of India, Goa is renowned for its pristine beaches, bustling nightlife, vibrant marketplaces, and mouth-watering seafood.

It’s also well situated for anyone who wants to explore more of the natural side of India, with lush wilderness, local waterfalls, and stunning beaches.

Nightly rates average $143 during Christmas.

4 – Dalat, Vietnam

The charming Vietnamese mountain town, Dalat, is a popular tourist destination year-round, but especially worth a visit during the Christmas and New Year season thanks to the festive lights and decorations.

If you visit at the end of the year, you’re looking at an average room rate of $106.

The cool weather is ideal to explore the town’s hotspots, like the Crazy House, Xuan Huong Lake, and the flower-filled Valley of Love.

3 – Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching, the delightful capital of Sarawak, is famous for its lively street markets, delicious street food, breathtaking natural scenery, and historic landmarks.

Ideal for anyone who loves culture and nature, the average room rate is just $93 per night.

In town, locals and visitors alike gather at the lively Carpenter Street, where the vibrant nightlife scene takes on an extra layer of excitement during New Year’s Eve.

2 – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Most flock to Bali, but for a more laidback and authentic Indonesian experience, Yogyakarta should definitely be on your list.

And with nightly room rates over Christmas averaging $87, you’ve got no reason not to!

The city is full of Javanese cultural and historcial sites, and is right next to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prambanan’s ancient temples.

1 – Hat Yai, Thailand

Skip Bangkok and Phuket, and instead go on a trip to Hat Yai, located at the very southern tip of Thailand, close to the Malaysian border.

Hat Yai is home to an abundance of trendy coffee shops, a vibrant nightlife scene, and delicious seafood. It’s also an ideal base for exploring the lush jungle and pristine beaches in the region.

Over the Christmas period, the average room rate is just $67.

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