Friday, December 8, 2023

Want to Have A Drink WITH JASON MOMOA?! Here’s Your Bloody Chance!

Want to meet Jason Momoa?! Well, we’ve got your chance – and it’s pretty simple and delicious to enter.

Over the last couple of decades, I’ve met quite a few celebrities on the job – whether they’re royalty like Prince Harry or Queen Camilla, or pop-royalty, like Harry Styles or Justin Bieber.

But no one I know has ever seemed to care too much, that is until I met Jason Momoa.

I’d received through lots of nice and congratulatory when I’d posted on Insta that we’d started Capsule, or when I’d got engaged, or had a baby – but all of that absolutely paled in comparison to the achievement of standing with my arm around Jason Momoa. Everyone lost their minds.

After posting a picture, my DMs went absolutely wild. People I haven’t spoken to in decades were suddenly sending me messages in all caps, asking a dozen questions, quick fire.

‘HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!’ ‘How tall is he?’ ‘What’s he like?’ ‘Is he nice?’ ‘Is he beautiful in person?’

But by far the most common question I was asked was: ‘What did he smell like?’ Tragically, I’m not 100% sure of that answer because I had just swigged straight vodka – at his request – so it was the only real scent I was aware of.

Well, now I have exceedingly good news if it’s a question you’d like answered too, because – brace yourself – you now have the opportunity to find out for yourself.

‘The Bloody Momoa’ competition launches this month, which sees hospitality venues throughout NZ battle for the title of the nation’s best Bloody Momoa. The only rules really are that the Bloody Mary must contain Meili Vodka – Jason’s brand of Vodka, but the rest is up to their imagination.

THIS could be you! Honestly, if you ever want to blow up your Insta, this is all it takes.

AND there’s more good news – there’s not just a comp for those in the hospitality industry, but there’s a whole other consumer competition too. Yup, YOU can enter (providing you’re at least 18) with your own homemade Bloody Momoa, and if you win, you’ll be getting a drink WITH JASON MOMOA.

To win: Post a photo of your homemade Bloody Momoa with your bottle of Meili Vodka on Instagram and tag @thebloodymomoa. That’s it. You’re in the draw! The judges will then choose a winner, based on the most creative and inspired presentation.

That winner will then go on to receive a Meili prize pack, a year’s supply of Aldersons’ pickles and they will mee Jason Momoa when he returns home to NZ and enjoy a Bloody Momoa with him.

Good bloody luck to you all!

Full details of comp:

  • It is free to enter The Bloody Momoa competition
  • This competition is conducted by Blanc Distribution.
  • The competition will be judged on Instagram with one overall winner.
  • The Bloody Momoa competition will run from 12am on the 1st of November until 11.59pm on the 30th of November.
  • Entries will be accepted by anyone who meets the competition criteria.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday the 4th of December 2023.

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