Your Monthly Meditation & Energy Forecast with Soul 33’s Gaia Chinniah: December – It’s Time to Design the Life You Want!

Introducing the wonderful Gaia Chinniah – a gifted medium, psychic, healer and past lives progression therapist. Gaia is here to guide us through a forecast and meditation each month, drawing on her knowledge, as well as the energetic cycles and seasons to help us all set goals, heal ourselves and manifest what we want in our lives.

Okay, it’s been one huge year and for so much of it, so many things have unfortunately felt quite out of our control, thanks to the global pandemic.

Many of our goals have been unable to be fulfilled – whether they were financial, or perhaps family or travel based. So, if you’re feeling a bit low, defeated or unsure what to do next, it’s completely understandable, but the good news is, this energy forecast meditation could be absolutely perfect for you! Or, perhaps you’re actually feeling in pretty good spirits, and are just looking to finish 2021 on a good note and lay the foundations for a prosperous 2022. You’ve come to the right place!

This month, in this beautiful, energy forecast, Gaia talks us through how we can set goals, heal ourselves and manifest more of what we want in our lives. December 2021 is all about designing our lives the way we want it!

So, what do you want more of?

More love? More connection? More wealth? More of all of those things?

Scroll down to the video below to listen to Gaia’s wise words, where she talks us through the importance of loving ourselves enough to work out what it is we really want – and how to choose the right people to share those desires with to turn them into realities. Because, as Gaia says, we don’t want to share our goals with just anybody. “Often when we tell people about things we want, they can project their fear, or sometimes even jealousy or envy onto it,” she tells.

In this month’s advice Gaia also shares how we can use the energy of the new moon to get us there, plus why this month is also all about productivity (but also why we need to change our mindset if we think productivity just means putting our nose to the grindstone all month!)


Wait, who is Gaia Chinniah?

Gaia Chinniah was brought up your average New Zealander. Born in Malaysia to Sri Lankan parents, her family migrated to New Zealand in 1987 when she was five years old and located to Christchurch. Gaia went on to study a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Waikato and had a promising career as the founder of a successful importer distribution company specialising in sourcing natural beauty products from around the world, but the Universe had a different plan.

When Gaia was 33 (and hence the name of her business – Soul 33) she visited a renowned Maori Healer. The Healer told Gaia she possessed some very unique gifts that few possess, pushing her out of her comfort zone, and into her hidden destiny. Gaia experienced a very different few sessions with the healer, who made Gaia work on her, and Gaia’s unique gifts were brought into the light. “I thought I knew who I was, I was going in a direction that society had conditioned me to believe. It was through the gifted Maori Healer I was seeing at the time for traditional holistic treatments, who reminded me of my gifts that I had not recognised before. She encouraged me to trust myself and be confident that I didn’t need to intellectually analyse what I was doing. I just had to trust that I was connected to something much deeper than what I could see with my physical eyes” explains Gaia.

A gifted medium, psychic, healer and past lives progression therapist. Now 39, Gaia has conducted over 9000 client sessions in only five years, she has a loyal client base, an extensive waiting list, and a number of elite devotees who would fly all around the world to experience a session with her. A quick glance at her Facebook page shows hundreds of reviews from people who are absolutely blown away by the accuracy of her predictions, and her valuable insights into the challenges they face not only in this lifetime, but in those that have come before.

Soul 33’s client base hail from all over the world including Iceland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Greece, Cambodia, London, India, Australia and a rapidly growing fan base in the US – particularly in New York and Los Angeles. Gaia’s diverse clientele visit her for a multitude of reasons.

“I see a huge number of people from different walks of life,” says Gaia. “Surgeons, doctors, lawyers, executives, designers, truck drivers, sports professionals, actors – everyone. All come with different reasons, but everyone is looking for more of themselves and a deeper understanding of who they are. Some seek clarity and direction, but my job is to provide healing and insight into why they are the way they are. Being able to see a blueprint of who a person is beyond what they think gives an individual more connection to what and why things are playing out in their lives as they are.”

Unsurprisingly 90% of Gaia’s clientele are female, although there has been an increasing interest shown from men in recent months, which Gaia attributes to the changes the global pandemic has had on society.

Now more than ever, people are looking to derive a deeper sense of meaning and purpose and are seeking greater direction in their lives. The challenges that Covid-19 has presented, have meant that not only have Gaia’s global clientele been unable to access her services in person, but the demand for her gifts, and those of us seeking clarity, healing, insight and guidance has skyrocketed.

Gaia launched The Beacon by Soul 33 in early 2020, with the goal of making her life changing gifts and services accessible to many. The first of its kind in the world, the App costs just NZ$50 per year to be a member, providing them spiritual guidance, healing meditations, exercises and insights into astrology, energy and navigating life’s challenges at their fingertips. She has also just released the Soul Progression Oracle, a digital tarot reading feature on her app.

The Beacon took two years of planning and coding into launching the App that it is now. There is also a free version of the App available, ensuring that those on tighter budgets, and also those that aren’t quite sure whether they want to fully commit to the Soul 33 family and experience, are able to get a taste of what the App offers.

The App gives users a supportive 24/7 toolbox which can be accessed from anywhere. The Beacon App is an ever-expanding library of podcasts or Gaia’s ‘Monday Mantra’, exercises, teachings, meditations, insights into energies affecting the week ahead, and a community of likeminded people who are invited to openly share their experiences, challenges and their own personal journey in the ‘Group Chat’ section of the App. It’s a phenomenally supportive tool where members can access recordings specially channelled and designed to help them work through uncomfortable emotions like anxiety, fear and indecisiveness, and provides meditations grouped by categories that include ‘Relationships, Affirmations, Calm & Rest, Universal Connection, and even a selection of meditations particularly designed to be listened to just before you sleep.

For more from Gaia, search ‘Soul33’ in your App store on both Google Play and Apple, visit her website at or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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