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The 5 Biggest Trends in Bathrooms This Year & How to Update Yours (No Matter the Budget)

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Bathrooms are increasingly becoming more important to us as we spend more time at home. Daniela Santilli, Bathrooms & Kitchens Merchandising Leader at Reece Bathrooms, takes us through the biggest trends in bathrooms right now and how you can give yours a zoush – no matter how much time and dough you might have to spend! And who doesn’t love a bathroom makeover!

People always say it’s kitchens and bathrooms that sell houses – what is it about bathrooms in particular that both add so much value to a home, but also give us so much joy? 

While the kitchen remains king as the heart of the home, the bathroom continues to close the gap as we emerge from our experience of Covid. When we asked customers looking at properties for sale, ‘which room of the home would be the most influential on the overall appeal?’ bathrooms have increased year-on-year.

Customers are using their homes differently because of the pandemic, with the bathroom playing the role of sanctuary. They’re reimagining their bathroom as a day spa – a place to escape to.

Speaking of, what are the biggest trends in design you’re seeing in 2022 when it comes to a bathroom makeover?

Bathroom as sanctuary: As the pandemic continues to deepen our connection to the spaces around us, customers are seeking to transform their bathrooms from merely functional rooms to spaces that offer respite and a grounding feeling. More than ever, the trend towards creating a bathroom sanctuary to escape to remains popular.

Hygiene is critical: Customers are more conscious of hygiene on a daily basis, cementing it as a key factor in the bathroom products they select. 

Quality & personalisation: To create a space that meets their needs, renovators care most about quality of products and materials. Homeowners view the bathroom space as an extension of themselves, making them increasingly invested in selecting products to create their own unique space.

Smart Technology: LED mirrors and thermostatic mixers for the shower are increasingly appealing to renovators. These products have been on the market for several years but are now expected as standard in new bathrooms.Check our Kado Lussi LED mirrors and the Roca T-1000 Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer.

Organic & Curved forms: We’re also increasingly observing organic shapes being used to bring a grounding feeling to the bathroom.

A lot of us are used to white-on-white bathrooms – are we starting to see more colour being introduced in a bathroom makeover, and if so why? (Or why not?) 

Customers want their home environment to be rich spaces so mundane tasks become moments of ease and joy. Customers are gravitating towards materials that feel exquisite, finishes that last and products that come in a wider range of colours, so that they can find the one that is ‘just right’ for them.

While matte black continues to rise in popularity, chrome is by far the most popular tap ware finish. Younger customers are keen to explore new colours, selecting matte black, rose gold and brushed nickel as their tap ware preference.

If you were designing your own dream bathroom, what would be your biggest priority? 

The biggest priority in designing a dream bathroom would be investing the right amount of time to planning the space. This is the most important part to renovating a bathroom.

Plan the space well, draw a floor plan and utilise tools such as The Bathroom Kit, available in all Reece showrooms, to find the perfect fit and look for your space, and to ensure there’s enough room for everything you want in the bathroom.

If people aren’t in the position to renovate an entire bathroom, what would you recommend if someone was wanting to update the space and do as much of a bathroom makeover as possible, but on a tight budget? 

Your first step in a bathroom renovation should be to consult with your plumber to see what is possible in your space and to confirm their availability to help you achieve the bathroom refresh in your timeframe. Make sure to always use a licensed plumber. If you’re looking to keep to a budget and strict timeline, work within the existing footprint and plumbing in your bathroom.  

Updating tap ware can be an easy and affordable upgrade that instantly elevates the visual impact of a bathroom, laundry or kitchen. For a weekend job, choose tap ware that contains no in-wall component, like a basin mixer. Ensure that your new tap ware style is a swap like for like, so you are replacing a basin mixer with another basin mixer.

In the kitchen, you can easily swap your existing mixer for one like the Mizu Drift Pull Out Sink Mixer in striking Matte Black.

The Mizu tapware collection is our most popular design as it offers a wide range of shapes and finishes and hits a broad range of budgets and briefs.

Changing a shower head is not only easy and affordable, but it will change your showering experience too. The flexibility of a twin shower means the space can adapt to the needs of whomever is using it. The Posh Domaine Short Twin Shower is a popular choice. It is great for retrofit because you get all the benefits of a double shower (the invigorating spray of an overhead shower plus a three-function hand shower for cleaning and washing kids and pets), without needing to install a full rail.

What’s a big bathroom no-no? Is there a common mistake people make when they’re designing a bathroom?

The most important consideration when designing the layout of a bathroom is who is using the space and how. The layout of a bathroom should be determined by the space you’re working with and the type of bathroom you’re creating. For example, a bathroom renovation that is on a budget may be limited to using the existing plumbing. If you’re creating a wellness sanctuary with a day spa feel, you’ll want to allow room for a freestanding bath or walk-in shower.

Reece has recently opened their first flagship showroom in Newmarket, Auckland. With more than 70 bathroom displays, Reece Bathroom Life makes it easier than ever for Kiwis to visualise and design the perfect bathroom for their lives. To find a Reece bathroom centre near you, visit

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