Wednesday, September 27, 2023

‘Coastal Grandmother’: Finally, A Fashion Trend That Speaks To My Heart

A surprising new style trend has hit the headlines – it’s called ‘Coastal Grandmother’ and it’s very close to some of our hearts.

As someone who has only ever described their clothing choices in one word – floral – there is very little in the world of fashion trends that has ever appealed to me.

That is until I heard about the new trend of ‘Coastal Grandmother’.

It’s a term that came from Tik Tok, a social media platform I still don’t understand have, from a 26-year-old American called Lex Nicoleta. Initially, Lex described this aesthetic mostly around the (stunning!!) movie Something’s Gotta Give, where Diane Keaton is a playwright who falls for Jack Nicholson AND Keanu Reeves while writing plays in her all-white Hamptons house, in her all-white linen outfits.

“If you love Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, interiors, and more, there is a good chance you might be a ‘coastal grandmother,'” Lex says.

Well, if that is so, sign me up. The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic has now been expanded to include the entire Nancy Meyers oeuvre, with a hard focus on the cooking-linen shirts-kitchen island holy trinity of the Meryl Streep movie It’s Complicated.

Like any good creative genius, Lex has quickly expanded her own Coastal Grandmother Multi-verse to include a Spotify playlist (banger), a Pinterest page, and several how-to Tik Tok reels on how to harness that Coastal Grandmother energy in your outfits, wine choices (pinot gris, but of course) and flower arranging.

What Makes A Coastal Grandmother?

(this is based on both Lex’s mind but also with my added input, because I really ***feel*** this theme in my soul so much.)

– Buying fresh flowers for your house

– Living by the sea ($$$$$$$$$$$).

– Cooking a roast chicken.

– Wearing a white linen shirt.

– Candles, candles, candles.


– Growing a herb garden.

– Going to the farmer’s market.

– Walking along the beach.

– Inherited family wealth.

– Cardigans.

– Getting Jack Nicholson to cut off your white turtleneck with scissors (this might be Diane Keaton specific).

Grace & Frankie, obviously (Grace is a clear Coastal Grandmother with a law degree, Frankie is a Coastal Grandmother with an arts or communications degree).

– Conscious Uncoupling.

– Most of Gwyneth Paltrow’s repertoire.

– Buying a rundown villa in Italy on a whim.

– White throw blankets on every surface.

– Collecting shells.

– Oprah saying that ‘bathing is my hobby’ and all of her gardening posts.

– Nigella Lawson’s Nigella’s Summer cookbook.

– People that talk about hygge

Obviously this is all silly and fun but if I had to pick between Coastal Grandmother or the return of low-waisted jeans as a trend to talk about, I’m picking the CG. It’s so rare to get a fashion trend that doesn’t revolve around either youth or thinness and having a trend that includes the word ‘grandmother’ in it is surely a sign of progress, right??

A buttery chard or chamomile tea to all of you!

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