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The Ultimate Girls’ Trip Destination – Why Fiji Needs to Be On Your List, By The Girls Uninterrupted

If you’re a regular reader of Capsule (firstly thank you) you’ll know how much we all adore Fiji as a travel destination – and now our enthusiasm has spread to our pals Brodie, Caitlin and Gracie at The Girls Uninterrupted! We hit them up when they got back from their dreamy four-night stay in Fiji to get the low-down on the perfect itinerary, trip advice – and of course a funny yarn.

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What were you looking for in your Fiji gals’ getaway?

Brodie: You know, the three of us, despite being besties, hardly get any quality time together! We are hardly ever in the same room unless we’re recording a podcast or busy on tour so, we were looking forward to having a lovely, relaxing time where we could just chill, catch up and enjoy beautiful Fiji.

Caitlin: Yeah, Brodie, Gracie and I talk every week but we never actually get to sit down and have a nice big catch up about each other’s lives. That’s what I was looking forward to the most! Oh, and the cocktails.

So tell us, what did you get up to?

Caitlin: What didn’t we do… We just had the best time exploring all of the amazing activities that Fiji has to offer! We planted coral, visited the local village, had massages, explored on the Ecotrax – which was a real highlight – and looots of swimming,

Gracie: Yeah, the Exotrax is highly recommended – you ride on the abandoned railways in Fiji though amazing bush, villages and fields, it’s amazing,

Brodie: It was the perfect mixture of relaxing, a bit of adventure, and meeting some beautiful locals. Some glorious cocktails were had, we lazed by the pool, and we went to Malamala Beach Club. The amazing thing is, everything you do feels beautiful and peaceful. It was so special!

We reckon you guys are something of an authority when it comes to the perfect girls’ trip – what’s important to you when it comes to booking one?

Caitlin: I love travelling, exploring and experiencing new countries and cultures and generally packing my days full of fun. However, it’s also very important for me to have downtime so that I can re-energise. Fiji is the perfect place for this. Because you can sit by the pool and read a book or take a nap but still be with your girls. 

Brodie: You know, when you get your besties together it often doesn’t matter where you are. But, being able to go somewhere so beautiful like Fiji makes that time feel so special. You’re all in such a chilled environment, catching up on sleep and feeling ridiculously relaxed – which means that quality time is so meaningful. All your worries and stresses are gone.

What was your favourite moment that you reckon is simply unmissable?

Gracie: Probably having our own cabana for a day at the beach club on Malamala Island. It was like something out of a dream or a movie. The most perfect crystal clear water and icy watermelon cocktails and the best fried chicken in Fiji apparently! It was one of my favourite days ever. 

Caitlin: I agree, it’s very hard to choose one but Malamala Beach Club is honestly like heaven on earth. It’s definitely one for the bucket list!

Knowing you three there has to be some funny stories from your time in Fiji…

Brodie: A real highlight was meeting Britney, the tour supervisor at EcoTrax. She is an absolute rockstar and had us in fits of laughter the whole afternoon. But also Caitlin fell over twice while trying to do hot photoshoot photos in the water and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a good chuckle at that.

Yup, that’ll do it! So tell us, why is Fiji perfect for a girls’ trip?

Caitlin: It really does have everything you’re looking for on a girls trip, whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation or bits of both, Fiji offers it.  It’s such a great place to get everyone together. It really does have everything you’re looking for on a girls trip, whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation or bits of both, Fiji offers it.  It’s such a great place to get everyone together. 

Gracie: It’s so quick to get there, it’s relatively affordable and super relaxing. I finished two books! which is crazy for me.  

Brodie: I feel like often when you go on a girls trip, it tends to feel like it’s a pretty tight time frame and you feel like you have to cram a lot in. But boy oh boy, Fiji makes you slow right down and just be grateful for where you are. The pace is super relaxing, and with everyone so chilled and happy the vibes are just magical. Also, it’s SUCH a quick and easy flight. Less than three hours and you are in paradise – I mean it’s only a little bit longer than flying to Invercargill (no offence to Invercargill!)


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