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Capsule’s Gift Guides: Gifts for Kids

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Gifts for kids: In this gift guide for the kids in your life, we’ve got suggestions for every type of little human – from toys, books, clothes and everything in between, there’s something for everyone! Here’s our best picks for gifts for kids:

For: Ages newborn up!

If you’re unsure what to buy the kid in your life, a Squishmallow is one of your safest bets.

Squishmallows are basically the softest, comfiest, cutest plush toys, and chances are, the kid you need to buy for would like one. They are made from super soft marshmallow-like, lovable plush, with cosy polyester fibres make them machine washable and suitable for all ages.

They offer comfort, support and fun! They can be used as a couch companion, pillow pal, bedtime buddy, travel mate, or as a friend in times of need. Squishmallows have their own unique bio to make them even more special. This one pictured is a deer named Dawn. The 12″ will set you back around $34.99

Squishmallows: Dawn the Deer 12″, $34.99

Lego Minecraft: The Rabbit Ranch
For: Ages 8+

Chances are, if you have a child, that child is into Minecraft. Aaaaand ff they’re also into Lego (who isn’t?), this is where the two worlds intersect perfectly! There are a number of different sets you can pick up, ranging from around $17.99, for the Coral Reef through to $209.99 for The Lama House.

This one is our pick, it’s the super cute Rabbit Ranch. Kids build a giant rabbit-shaped ranch to care for their Minecraft rabbits. The structures open back and lift-off roof make it easy for them to arrange the furniture and enjoy imaginative role play inside.

Lego Minecraft: The Rabbit Ranch $59.99

Playlogy PlayBox
For: 0 – 24 months

This is what I bought my littlest son last Christmas, when he was 9 months old – and he was a massive fan!. The Playlogy Engage & Explore PlayBox is specifically curated for 9-10 month old babies, but if your little one is aged anywhere between 0 and 24 months, they have a box, made up of a perfect selection of toys to meet your child perfectly where they are developmentally.

Packed with play-things designed to help babies understand the world around them, the Engage & Explore PlayBox contains a range of toys from music-making play, to learning complex new ideas like self-awareness, this box comes complete with hours of fun.

Playlogy Engage & Explore Playbox, $135

Crayola: Inspiration Art Case
For: Ages 5+

If in doubt, this is the present to get. You can never really have too many art supplies and this wee thing of beauty houses everything a kid will ever need, in one, fun place.

Like a tiny briefcase of tricks, it has 140 tools to fuel their imagination, each with its own little home to fit neatly back into, including 64 Crayons, 40 Washable Markers, 20 Short Coloured Pencils, and 20 sheets of Paper.

Crayola: inspiration Art Case, $42

Duplo Steam Train 
For: Ages 2 – 5

Hopefully my toddler hasn’t worked out how to use a laptop yet, because otherwise, spoiler alert, this is what you’re getting for Christmas, little guy! Seeing as he is train/bus/car/plane/tractor/truck obsessed (is any toddler not?), I have bought him – I mean, Santa has made him this little steam train.

I love Duplo – it’s a gift that keeps him occupied for hours, which is good quality, and I know it helping him learn and grow each time he uses it. Anytime we leave the house or go on holiday, we always pack our Duplo. This one is more whizz-bang than anything he currently owns, as the train has a Push & Go motor — so a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop. There’s also five action bricks that can go along the track to sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, pause and refuel, change direction and stop the train wherever they like. He is going to lose his mind.

Duplo Steam Train, $99

Personalised Pikachu Necklace
For: Ages 8 +

If you’ve got a serious Pokemon fan on your hands, we have the serious answer for them: a Pikachu necklace with their name on it! This one is from a lovely Etsy seller, who crafts the little pendants – you can opt for either sterling silver or 18K gold plated, and then have a wide range of choices as to the length and style of the necklace itself. To top it off, they’ll inscribe a name on the back of pendant!

(Just one note of warning, like anything you’re buying on Etsy, make sure you get in quick to ensure it’s here before the big day!)

Personalised Pikachu 18K Gold Plated Necklace (45cm rope chain), $65.38

Frozen PJs
For: Ages 2 – 8

Frozen may have come out more than 10 years ago now, but, is it any less popular? HECK NO. Elsa and Anna are still forever queens in kid world.

And luckily, there’s loads of different pieces of merchandise available, which you can easily pick up from the likes of Kmart, The Warehouse or Mighty Ape. Whether you’ve got a few dollars or mega bucks, you’re catered for.

Our pick is this super cute PJ set for summer – it’s just $20 from Kmart.

Frozen License Pyjama Set, $20

The Lighthouse Princess
For: Ages 3 – 7

This delightful NZ book came out in March last year and has since won an absolute slew of prizes. And it’s easy to see why – it’s an enchanting book for young readers.

Written by Dunedin’s Susan Wardell and illustrated by Rose Northey, it tells the story of the Lighthouse Princess, who is almost perfectly happy. She takes care of the light that keeps ships at sea safe, catches fish off the balcony and swims with penguins and seals. But one day, a little fishing boat with green sails sets out just as a storm blows up…

The Lighthouse Princess, $20.99

Fur Real Furreal Cinnamon, My Stylin’ Pony
For Ages: 4 +

Back in my day, I was all about the My Little Ponies – but little Alice would have lost her mind if she had the chance to lay her eyes on one of these toys. It’s basically like having a cuter, smaller, cuddlier, less messy pet horse. She blinks, and moves her ears, head and neck; she responds when she#s fed; and when petted on her back, cheeks and nose. She makes loving noises, kissing sounds, and her cheeks even glow!

In total, she makes 80 different sounds, and has a fab night-time mode for when it’s time to start winding down. And honestly? I think I want one for myself.

Fur Real Furreal Cinnamon, My Stylin’ Pony, $99

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