How We, Craft Novices, Managed to Upcycle Moccona’s New Limited Edition Decorative Jars

Capsule x Moccona  

To call us, the women of Capsule, beginner crafters would be a bit of an understatement. However, we do have a great appreciation for those that up-cycle and reuse materials, we’re fully into supporting the products of such endeavours, and we’re into the whole therapeutic nature of indulging in a bit of ‘me time’ and making something for yourself. 

So, we teamed up with the lovely team at Moccona who have released their set of six Limited Edition Decorative Jars, Each are emblazoned with a gorgeous, feel-good quote that’ll lift your spirits and look chic in your home in its second life as an up-cycled piece of beauty. Our mission? To recycle the jars and turn them into something wonderful that will be the perfect accompaniment to our daily dose of caffeine! 

For this project, we’ve looked to our strengths to create something both useful and elegant enough to actually want it in your house. We’re all trying our best for optimism right now, so we had the idea for our own versions of a gratitude jar. Like pretty much everyone, we’re on a baking binge right now, but we realised our storage system left something to be desired! So, we decided on a cute range of baking containers – plus a simple idea for a gorgeous gift. And for something simple, shiny and fun, a gorgeous (and ridiculously easy) lantern. 

So, without further ado, it’s time to channel Sally Ridge circa 2008, whip out the paint brush and get to work – because while we know it’s always a good time for coffee, it’s also always a great time to do your bit for the planet!

Watch our how-to below for a little inspiration!

Gratitude Jars

As with most decisions of our lives, the idea to do a gratitude jar is something we (Emma, actually) learned to do from Elizabeth Gilbert – Patron Saint of Writing, Feelings and Travel (her three favourite things). She said that if her house was burning down, it would be her Happiness Jar that she’d be grabbing on the way out. Well, we’ve taken this idea and run with it – here are three different ways you can manifest your good vibes.

You’ll need: 

1x Moccona Limited Edition Decorative Jar 

1x writing pad (or however many you want!) 

1x pen

1. The OG: the Happiness Jar

Every night for a month, six months, a year, you write down one good thing that happened to you that day onto a little slip of paper, fold it up and pop it in your happiness jar. Then, whenever you need a reminder of the good things in life, you open your jar, pluck out a bit of paper and read a little joy note. Not only will your jar provide a record of good times you’ve been through – and a hit of happy when you need it – but looking for the positives in every day actually retrains your brain to look for the good things, meaning this one jar will have a short- and long-term effect on your quality of life. 

2. The Goal Jar

Think of this like a vision board, only in jar form. Get your friends or family around and you all write down goals you want to achieve – be it big ones or small ones. It could be things you can do in the short term – take up jogging, enrol in a te reo class, learn a new skill. It could be longer terms ones – places you want to visit once we can travel again, the Big, Scary 10-year Goals. Anything that, when opened at a later date, will give you an inspirational kick up the jack seat about what to aim for next.

3. The Feel-Good Jar

You know how, when the chips are down, you need a pep talk from your gal pals but, inconveniently, they’re not around when you have a 4am spiral? Next time you hang out, everyone writes down 10 things they love about you and you all have a personal jar that you pop your compliments into for when you need them. You know, an ‘Open in case of a self-esteem emergency’ kind of jar. The more niche and weird they are, the more they’re going to give you a smile when you need it. 

Baking Set

Since Alice has had to eliminate gluten and dairy from her diet, she’s realised that sometimes baked treats that she can actually eat are pretty thin on the ground – there’s only so many bliss balls you can eat, guys – so she’s been almost forced into becoming a good baker!

After (a lot) of trial and error, her signature Oaty Mocha Slice recipe is now requested by all her friends and family – but she realised that her pantry wasn’t exactly coping with my current storage solutions (ie – none!). 

So, we set out to make her a storage set that would look as good displayed on the bench as it does in the cupboard, and would help me keep track of ingredients a little better. By choosing chalkboard paint to coat the tops of the jars, we’ve ensured she can relabel the jars as often as she likes. Plus, we turned one of the jars into a baking gift jar that’s perfect for giving to friends and whānau.  

You’ll need:

3x Moccona Limited Edition Decorative Jars

1x roll masking tape

1x pot chalkboard paint 

1x paintbrush

1x stick of chalk 

  1. Ensure your used jars are clean and dry
  2. Using the masking tape, tape around the edges of the lid, or to wherever you’d like the paint to finish
  3. Apply an even layer of chalkboard paint to the lids, ensuring no gaps or streaks
  4. Wait until the lids are completely dry
  5. Using the chalk, label your ingredients. 

For a baking jar gift  (works with all recipes) 

  1. Starting with the largest amount of dry ingredient, layer your individual ingredients carefully in the jar, making sure not to mix 
  2. Using a painted lid, write the name of the recipe, or a cute message to its intended recipient 

Easy-As Instant Lanterns

This is the perfect project to undertake if, like us, you’re a craft novice – the most simple lantern you’ll ever make! As a group we have a shared love of anything that’s sparkly and glowy – and also easy – so these little lights will be perfect for when we move into our first office. 

You’ll need: 

1x Moccona Limited Edition Decorative Jar

1x set battery operated fairy lights 

2x AA Batteries (or whatever batteries that are specified for the lights) 

  1. Place the lights carefully inside the jar – for ease of turning on and off, place the battery pack at the top, just inside the lid, or if you want to camouflage it a little better, place at the bottom. (It helps if you find batteries that are white!) 
  2. Turn lights on – and presto! Instant festivity in a cute little jar!

Mocconas Limited Edition Decorative Jars are now available at supermarkets across the country, RRP $20.99

The upcycling ideas are published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Please take care when handing the glass Moccona jars and use third party products in accordance with their instructions.

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