Maximum Colour or Minimalist Monochrome – What’s Your Work from Home Style? (& the Benefits of Both WFH Looks)

Level up the WFH space with either a calm, chic neutrals, or fun, fizzing colour, with the help of our pals at Logitechfind your own work from home style below!

In partnership with Logitech

Ever since we started Capsule we’ve been debating the merits of minimalism versus maximalism and colour versus monochrome – and to absolutely no one’s surprise, we’re no closer to agreeing on a position (TBH, we never will!).

But we all work from home, so don’t need to agree on a singular colour palette for our office spaces – in fact, we can’t even agree on desks vs tables vs couches (Emma refuses to work from a desk, Alice has to work from wherever she finds the most creativity, and Kelly has a dedicated desk perfectly matched to her monochrome palette). Hell, it’s why we work so well together!

So, when a HUGE box of Logitech workspace goodies arrived (keyboards, mice, headphones, oh my!) that had the tools for the Capsule team’s different vibes, we set out to create two completely different aesthetics. And it turns out, there are benefits to both.

Find out which aesthetic speaks to you based on our two dream working set ups – and while they might look hella different, we’ve made sure they’re decked out with ergonomic, technologically advanced and chic office gear that you actually WANT to post on your Instagram (or Teams!) because at the end of the day, having the right tools to get the mahi done improves your productivity massively. 4pm knock offs, am I right!?


It’s been a tough few years but as the world slowly returns to a relative ‘normal’ post pandemic, SO much remains changed when it comes to work.

We’re also looking for more joy in our lives following three years of struggle – so it only makes sense that colour in home décor is trending HARD at the moment in a movement called Dopamine Décor.

We’re talking bright colours, big prints and happy hues, with experts reckoning it’s our brains trying to subconsciously elevate our moods through colour while finding our work from home style.

It’s a trend that’s been filling our social feeds with all the colours of the rainbow with fun candles, frames and artwork – and now we’re extending the vibe to our actual office equipment because your WFH space needs to work with and match your own home’s style too.

And while we’ve kept things organised and streamlined – it’s a workspace after all, and no one’s going to thank you for losing papers, notes or your own damned mind when you can’t find things on your own desk – we’ve embraced POPS of colour.

We’ve elevated the pink and purple palette with a strong, confident woman vibe that says, ‘this girl boss is ready to smash the patriarchy etc etc’, but also, ‘I don’t need to stare at clinical black monitors all day to be a professional and I’m embracing my femininity’ because, thank God, there are now options outside the boring office looks, and ones that actually match your style (helloooooo, Logitech, a brand that actually embraces a bit of colour!).

Start with the boldest of choices and embrace colour with your essential work supplies – your keyboard and mouse. You can’t go past the gorgeous Cosmos colour from the Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard range – my GOD this is a fun (yes, FUN) keyboard to use. Not only does it give retro typewriter vibes with a super-satisfying ‘click’ but there are customisable emoji keys which you can easily swap in and out (and assign the keys to whichever emojis you want using the Logi Options + app). Pair with the matching POP Mouse in Cosmos that features an emoji button for you to have your favourite emoji at your fingertips.

If you’re going to be using headphones at your desk, you might as well invest in some cute ones right?! The Zone Vibe 100 Headset in Rose is potentially the most comfortable headset we’ve ever worn and even features a flip mic for Zoom calls or phone calls!

Perhaps the most underrated little gizmo, there’s a matching webcam to the headset, the Brio 500 Webcam that makes you want to go back three years, buy it and then re-do your video calls because this is like an Instagram filter for your FACE. It features auto light correction and auto framing (for if you move about a lot), an essential if you’re doing a lot of video calls.

Maximalist design has long been associated with creativity, and shows you’re not afraid to show off who you are and what you’re about in your work from home tyle. Gen Z have been particularly strong at leading the charge in the maximalist décor space, so I suppose we should thank them for that (but we’ll never forgive them for trying to bring low-rise jeans back).

It’s about mixing up colour, texture, pattern and theme in a way that *somehow* just goes – so it’s super-open to interpretation and inspiration, which could in turn inspire YOU in your workday.


There’s a reason why black and white is perhaps the most classic of all colour combination – it just works, and for lovers of minimalism, the uncomplicated, soothing marriage between light and dark calms, reassures and relaxes.

In a chaotic world, less is more – whether that means colour, clutter or anything in between. So, it makes sense that lovers of a minimalist vibe adore it for its ability to make you feel organised, put-together and sane (even when you’re clearly NONE of those things).

A true minimalist desk would have only the essentials on it, so we’ve taken the essence of less is more and really focussed on said essentials (YES, scented candles and flowers count).

The biggest argument for minimalism is that the less there is around you, the more productive you can be by not being distracted by *stuff*. This look is really about limiting colour and clutter, while restricting décor to thoughtful pieces that serve a purpose (whether that’s work-wise or vibe-wise).

White offers a soothing tone, while black brings some needed contrast while keeping things orderly and chic. Greys and neutrals are perfect middling colours that give you a calm base to begin.

For our monochrome minimal look, we’ve kept the same chic tech, but switched out the pinks and purples for the Logitech POP Keys Wireless Keyboard in Mist – we love how this keyboard can truly match any vibe thanks to the five different colour combos – with the matching POP Mouse, of course. The plastic parts in both products include post-consumer recycled plastic too, giving a second life to end of use plastic. We kept things chic and simple with the Zone Vibe 100 Headset in classic off-white, and added some contrast with the graphite Brio 500 Webcam.

Nailing your functional pieces first is essential, so start with your biggest pieces and make sure they’re in hues that work for your overall look, as you’ll have nowhere to hide!

Head to your local tech retailer to shop Logitech’s WFH essentials and find your own work from home style or shop online at

Tell us – what look do you prefer!

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