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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: The Best of Capsule’s Festive Content

Congratulations! WE DID IT! Now, we’re here to help, no matter what stage you’re at – if you’ve still got shopping to do, we can help you with that! If you have to whip up a dish for tomorrow, or make drinks – we can help! If you’re feeling STRESSED, we have some coping mechanisms. If your ex-boyfriend just text you out of the blue – yip, we can help! Otherwise, if you’ve done your shopping, wrapped it, finished food prep and are sitting down for a glass of Prosecco (my God, we salute you!), we’ve got plenty of tips, tricks and great reads… Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Gift Guide Collection: Something For Everyone!
Still stressing about what to buy? Just found out that someone else is coming to Christmas? Just remembered about someone?? Never fear – we have every present genre under the sun, covered.

Smells like Christmas! The Best Festive Scents for Your Home
Hot on the heels of our scented candle awards, here are our picks for the best holiday scents and Christmas candles to lift your ho-ho-home fragrance game.

To Give Or Not To Give: Are Christmas Presents Positive Or Pointless?
Emma Clifton and Sarah Lang have different takes on a certain long-standing Christmas tradition: is buying Christmas presents part of the joy of Christmas, or just another exhausting thing to tick off the festive to-do list.

A Crafty Christmas: Easy DIY Presents That You’d 100% Want to Find Under Your Tree!
Easy homemade gifts you can start today and have ready in a couple of hours!

Six Ways to Have a Less Expensive, Less Stressful Christmas!
This year is going to be a tough ride for a lot of people when it comes to the money front. So, if you’re staring down the silly season with a shoestring budget, know that you’re really, truly, not alone.

A DIY Christmas: Easy, Beautiful Decorations That Are Kind to the Planet (And Your Wallet!)


“It’s My First Christmas Alone” + An Expert’s Top Tips for Surviving Your First Christmas as a Divorced Couple
While it always looks magical in the movies, in reality, Christmas can be a darned stressful time, particularly if you’re facing your first Christmas after a divorce. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare is key – especially if you have kids. We talk to one woman who is about to embark on her first solo Christmas and we get all the info, tips and help from expert Bridgette Jackson.

WARNING: We Are in Peak ‘Boyfriends of Christmas Past’ Season: Are You in Danger of Getting ‘Marleyed’ Tonight?
‘Twas two days before Christmas and all through the land, women were being visited by all their ex mans (look this rhyme almost works, forgive me). Alice tells a festive tale of yore – with a warning for this Christmas

How to Be Happy, Fabulous and Single This Christmas! (Plus, Clapbacks for Those Rude But Well-Meaning Relatives…)
Ah yes, the Bridget Jones dilemma: when your single life is put under the spotlight at Christmas. We have your get-through-with-limited-swearing guide to handling nosy cousins!

‘The Lingerie I Thought My Husband Bought Me For Christmas, Actually Went to His Secret Lover’
Think you’re having some bad luck love-wise this year? We spoke to a lovely woman who had the Christmas from hell – that was literally like something out of the storyline of Love, Actually.

It’s Break-up Season. You’re More Likely to Split in the Next Two Weeks Than Any Other Time…
Phew, we are at the end of peak break-up season – if you made it through the last two weeks, congratulations.


Christmas Sorted: 30 Elf on The Shelf Ideas
Need some Christmas inspiration? We’ve got THIRTY different Elf on the Shelf ideas to help you survive December!

How To Deal With Difficult Family Members At Christmas (Without Losing Your Sh-t)
How do we deal with difficult family members or avoid enraging conversations with a certain relative or in-law over the Christmas period

Can I Ask People’s Vaccination Status Before I Invite Them To Christmas Dinner?’ A Vaccine Expert Answers The Many Tricky Questions We’ve All Got This Christmas
What is the etiquette around asking people’s vaccination status?? We spoke to an vaccine expert to understand the risks, rules and how to navigate the whole darn thing this year.

Channelling Mrs Claus? Here’s How To Go ALL IN This Christmas!
If your festive spirit is already at 200%, this is the story for you!

Separated From Family This Christmas? Here’s How to Get Through
This is going to be a Christmas like no other for lots of people, away from the ones they love. Here’s how to still make it special.

Mental Health

Feeling Like Christmas Stress is Getting On Top Of You? Here’s What to do, Right Now!
As we get closer and closer to Christmas (oh, all while we have a recession looming, a crazy cost of living AND a resurgence of Covid) stress levels are rising higher and higher, with more people than ever needing assistance.

It’s A Celebration: Do We Need A Few More Rituals In Life?
Christmas, New Year’s, weddings – all fine and good. But what about creating some group rituals that mark other days and parts of our lives?

How To Have A Low-Key Christmas Catch-Up
Got a crazy Christmas calendar with more to fit in? Here’s how to have a low-key Christmas catch-up with the people you love, without having to do the admin you hate.

Stop The Stress Bug: The Power of Body Language For Keeping Calm at Christmas
It’s been a long year and if Christmas is already a loaded time in your family, we have tips on how to keep yourself (and others!) cool under pressure.

Not Feeling Festive This Year? We’re Officially Giving You Permission To Ignore It
Guess what? Christmas isn’t actually mandatory. If you need a permission slip to skip this year, we’ve got one for you.

Heading Toward Your First Christmas After Suffering a Loss? Here’s How to Cope if You’re Grieving This Festive Season
Ways to honour your missing loved one and look after yourself and your family in the process.

Food and wine

Nadia Lim’s Country Christmas – PLUS Her 5 Best Pavlova Recipes
Nadia Lim is planning the perfect, simple farm Christmas – and to help you with yours, she’s even given us FIVE pavlova recipes that are bound to go off at your place this festive season.

A Gluten-Free Christmas: How to Eat Well and Deliciously (Without Breaking the Bank)
We talk to Lucy Donaldson, the brains behind Lucy’s Gluten Free, about how to go GF this xmas, how to cater for someone who has intolerances and how to do it all without spending a fortune!

Putting Up the Christmas Tree? It’s a Merlot Moment! The Real Girl’s Guide to Wine Presents the ULTIMATE Festive Season Matches That’ll Have You Sorted All Summer
Cheers! Whatever your vibe this Christmas (and beyond!) we have the perfect wine match just for you

Christmas Dinner Sorted! Part One: Sensational Starters and Summer Sides…
Fire up the BBQ!

Christmas Dinner Sorted! Part Two: The Main Event, Plus a Showstopper Dessert

Hear that? It’s the cheesecake of your dreams, calling your name.

Two Raw Sisters Create Delicious Vegan Meals For Long Summer Days and Celebrations!
Including a chocolate tart that has to be seen to be believed.

Cheers! Festive Cocktails, Without the Hangover…
One of the many Kiwis looking to ease up on alcohol after a rough year? We hear and support you – and you can still be festive as well!

Christmas With the Chefs: Mike van de Elzen & Gareth Stewart Share Their Secrets
Get advice from the pros for this Christmas: the big day itself PLUS how to get creative with all those delicious leftovers.


I’m Sorry But The Holiday is a TERRIBLE Movie – Here’s 5 Reasons Why
Kelly Bertrand takes a look at The Holiday from another perspective and realises that this damn movie makes NO sense.

Last Holiday Is The Perfect Christmas Movie You Haven’t Watched
At the time of year when we’re all re-watching the same festive classics, we want to shine a spotlight on a perfect yet underrated Christmas movie: Last Holiday.

Christmas Movie Characters I Am Now Older Than
Emma Clifton has an existential crisis brought on by Christmas movies… and the fact that she is now older than most of the characters (even the mums!!!)

A Passionate Defence of the Greatest Christmas Song of All Time – The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York
Kelly Bertrand’s ode to the greatest Christmas song of all time – and no, it’s not Mariah.

A Definitive Ranking Of My Love, Actually Crushes Over The Past 17 Years
Festive AND horny – what’s not to love?

Born in the 80s? Here Are 15 Things That Would Have Been on Your Christmas List As a Kid…

20 Christmas Presents You DESPERATELY Wanted to Find Under the Tree in the 2000s
Kelly Bertrand thought it was high time for a festive trip down memory lane and recalls the 20 best presents she lusted after as a less-than-cool tween

The 10 Best and Worst Love Actually Characters, Ranked

Because it's Christmas, and you tell the truth at Christmas, Alice O'Connell is here to share the best and worst Love Actually characters, ranked. SOMEHOW,...

The Christmas Diaries: Changing Room Quickies, Vomit & Acts of Kindness. The Weirdest, Most Wonderful Things We Saw Working in Retail at Xmas

If you've ever worked in a customer-facing role, you'll know it can be hard work - but that working in retail at Christmas? Well,...

Finding A Messy Middle Ground: How To Talk To People You Disagree With

With festive events upon us, there's gonna be plenty of chitchat. If you have a strongly held opinion that clashes with someone else’s, should...

Capsule’s Gift Guides: Gifts for the Hard To Buy For Person

Welcome to our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Collection - and here's the ultimate guide for gifts for the hard-to-buy-for person. In this edition, we’re...