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Amber Peebles: These Are A Few of My Favourite, Most Beautiful Things!

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Amber Peebles – a former Miss World New Zealand, MTV host, professional make-up artist and now, co-owner of luxury homewares company Isle of Omni – has an eye for beautiful things.

A few months on from starting her new business with Matilda Rice, the company – which specialises in beautiful European linens – is going from strength to strength, even in the middle of a global pandemic!

So, who better to talk to about luxurious, beautiful things and all things beauty? Here, Amber shares some beauty secrets from her past, as well as her favourite things at home and in her beauty bag…

The first time I remember experimenting with make-up was when I was about 11 years old at a friend’s house and we got into her big sister’s stash. On returning home to Mum, I stated proudly that “foundation really suits me”, like I’d just discovered a gold egg. I’m smiling now thinking of the cringe look she gave me, followed by “it suits everyone, honey. That’s its purpose”.

In that same make-up session I had also decided I loved pale pastel peach lipstick… Thinking I was pulling off some kind of cool 70s look I can only imagine what a sight I must have been, so hats off to Mum for not laughing in my face.

I continued to wear that insipid pale peach lipstick for weeks, until Mum said gently, “Honey, that colour really makes you look rather ill” – not wanting to stifle my creativity, but saving me from any further embarrassment. Fast forward eight years and I was studying make-up artistry and can confirm that pale peach hue has never returned.

My biggest beauty regret is over plucking my brows! Oh, what a terrible trend that was. I was hosting MTV at the time and lucky enough to be getting a front cover feature for Girlfriend mag when the photographer who was shooting me laughed and said, ‘Oh no! What happened to your eyebrows?!?’ Needless to say, I let them grow back out immediately!

Now, what probably has the most impact on my skin is stress and water consumption. I noticed during the last lockdown that I had a lovely breakout, but I think that was due to juggling a lot of balls… selling a house, launching a company and general lockdown uncertainty. I’m not great at acknowledging when I’m stressed – I consider it to be just ‘pressure’, but the body doesn’t lie and if I’m not careful I’ll breakout, or worse… get a cold sore. Does anyone else find they have the best skin whilst on holiday?

Late last year we [Amber and Matilda Rice] launched a new business, Isle of Omni. I wanted to create a linen collection so luxurious that it transports you to your favourite getaway as soon as you slip between the sheets. I’m passionate about it being organic, ethically produced and traceable through the process, People want to know where and by whom their products are made, so Isle of Omni was born. We’ve worked with people who have been in the industry for 30+ years to make sure we have the best of the best and I’m proud to say, the quality has even blown them away!

I hope our products provide a sense of escapism, an Isle of Omni moment just for you to feel treated, whether you are stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in the most delicious towel you’ve ever used, or slipping under the sheets at the end of a long day. They are all moments that are just for you, a time to inhale, exhale and feel a sense of calm.

My Faves for Home

Above Left: Isle of Omni European Linen Sheet Set (in Omni Linen, Queen, $449) and Right, Organic Cotton Throw ($129). Below Left: Coconut Wax Candle (Large 680g, $99) and Below Right, Isle of Omni Organic Turkish Towel (in Large Bath Towel, $89)

My Beauty Faves

A Mason Pearson Hair Brush (From $189, The Market) – I bought my first when I was 19 and never looked back! If you know, you know.

Revitalash (From $79, Revitalash) – A mega boost for your lashes. I use this a few times a week.

Blac Cosmetics Foundation ($79 from Blac) and Mascara ($42 from Blac) – I’ve talked heaps on my IG stories about their Skin Perfecting Luminizing Foundation! It glides on like a dream and lasts for the day. And I adore their tubular mascara. It never travels off my lashes, so no smudgy dark patches and it comes off easily with warm water. AND Blac is and NZ, female run, cruelty-free company! I love these guys!

Jeuneora Super Super™ Face Oil ($108 from Jeuneora). This is a dream at the end of the day.

Renew+® Marine Collagen Super Powder ($99 from Jeuneora). This is the OG for Marine Collagen. I especially love that it packs 1000mg Vit C and a Volcanic Detox. I’ve been taking this supplement for years now.

One & Only Palette by Shaaanxo ($62.99 by XO Beauty). This eye shadow palette has the most beautiful neutral shades. It’s my go-to at the moment!

Tarte Maracuja C-brighter ™ Eye Treatment ($57 from Tarte), I’m ALL about eyecream. I’ve been using it since I was about 19 because my best friend’s aunty told me, “it’s all about prevention!” Tarte is super hydrating and of course, cruelty free.

ModelCo Makeup Blender Sponge ($15 from ModelCo). I go through phases, blending my foundation with a brush, my fingers or using a sponge. This sponge got sent to me in a pr kit, but I’m absolutely obsessed with it now. It blends beautifully without soaking up too much product. 

Above Left, Blac Cosmetics Perfecting Luminizing Foundation and above right, Tarte maracuja C-brighter eye treatment. Below Left, XO One & Only Palette and Below Right, Jeuneora Renew+

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