The July Match Up: Our Picks for What to Watch, Drink, See and Do with Villa Maria

Capsule x Villa Maria

At a loss for your next pop culture pick? Have no fear – thanks to Villa Maria’s glorious range of wines, we bring you the ultimate Capsule collection of the best things to see, do, what to watch and listen to for the month of June.

We’ve matched up this month’s pop culture highlights with a wine from Villa Maria to allow you to enjoy every moment perfectly! 

We’re watching: Relatable girl dramedies with Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Gris

Everything I Know About Love

Based on the best-selling memoir by Dolly Alderton, Everything I Know About Love follows four girls in their mid-20s as they battle first loves, first jobs and being a ‘proper adult’ for the first time. It’s an utterly wonderful watch – for the way it shows female friendships, for the way it shows flatting, for how it perfectly sums up the reckless abandon and constant ‘am I doing it right?’ anxiety of being young. Also, it’s set in 2012 and the fashion notes and soundtrack choices are just *chef’s kiss*. It’s made us nostalgic for terrible house parties (who knew?) and also grateful we no longer have to date men who wear fedoras. Also it was around then that I (Kelly) discovered Pinot Gris for the first time, so Villa’s Private Bin option seems like the perfect accompaniment – I know what you’re thinking, ‘a white wine in winter?!’ But this one is soft and lush and will help warm your soul when you start thinking about all those bad dates you went on in your twenties.

I Love That For You

Stay with us, because the initial concept for this show is very uncomfortable: A woman finally gets her dream job at a Home Shopping Network but accidentally lies that her childhood leukaemia has come back… and it’s a comedy. We know, we know. But I Love That For You is a genuinely wonderful, warm and yes, very dark comedy about the labels we live with and what we’ll do to belong. With a star case, including Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer and Molly Shannon, legend Jenifer Lewis and Matt Rogers from Las Culturistas, it’s a laugh-out-loud series.

We’re listening to: Girl power podcasts with Villa Maria Cellar Selection Rosé

The Girls Uninterrupted podcast

We LOVE a local podcast, and listening to these girls in your earholes is bound to perk up a gloomy commute home or a Saturday morning walk. Local legends Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor team up to offer their thoughts on all the topics that you’re talking about with your own girlfriends – dating, what’s going on in the world, pop culture hits and misses and everything else in between. It can get saucy at times, as well as serious – basically, you’re looking at a pick and mix bag of lollies every time and it’s just bloody glorious

Girls That Invest

We’re on a bit of a personal finance mission here at Capsule, and it really helps when you can listen to some experts who actually speak you language – no jargon or tech speak included!

Join Sim and Sonya, two very saavy millennial investors who are passionate about democratising investing and making it not only understandable, but enjoyable. That’s right – personal finance can be FUN, guys! Pair it with Villa Maria’s Cellar Selection Rosé for some nice balance between fun and flirty, and serious and sassy.

We’re reading:

The Comfort Food Diaries: My Quest for the Perfect Dish to Mend a Broken Heart By Emily Quinn with Villa Maria Reserve Pinot Noir

This book is a combination of wonderful factors: part travel diary, part food memoir and part self-discovery. One night, while she’s still grieving her brother’s death, Emily is dumped by her fiancé and has to suddenly move out of their shared apartment. She gets drunk and pours her heart out on Facebook (a terrible combination) but in the morning, a miracle has happened – her foodie friends have invited her round to cook and eat with them. So begins The Comfort Food Tour, where she travels around America to stay with friends and family, eating her way back to her whole self. A truly beautiful, heart-warming and delicious book about the power of food and eating.

If you’re a red wine drinker, grab a glass of Villa Maria Reserve Pinot Noir to drink alongside – it’s a bit of a special drop that will up your cosy reading factor up even further.

We’re doing:

Candlelit Music with Fever

If you’ve seen those ads for Candlelit Concerts of Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Nina Simone and more popping up on your social media and thought, ‘what IS this?’ then you’re not alone. But after going to the Taylor Swift one, we can tell you – these are actual events and they are a delight. With concerts popping up around Aotearoa in city centres, you can see string quartet interpretations of your favourite songs and bands, illuminated by hundreds of (fake and therefore safe) candles. Watching the (very polite, very female) Taylor Swift crowd whoop at the string version of Wildest Dreams, it’s as close as you can get to the (PG) Bridgerton experience because Rege Jean Page just won’t return our calls. Sad.

Produced as part of our partnership with Villa Maria wines – thank you for reading and supporting Capsule!

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