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I’ll Have What She’s Having: Our Panel Reviews the Share Satisfaction Belu Clitoral Stimulator & We Are DIVIDED

Welcome to the third instalment of I’ll Have What She’s Having, our monthly panel of real, honest sex toy reviews, in conjunction with our friends at Adulttoymegastore!

This month, we’re reviewing the Share Satisfaction Belu Clitoral Stimulator – and LORD, is it a hit for (almost) all! (and scroll down for our exclusive discount code if you’re thinking this sounds like a bit of you!).

If you missed last month’s edition, click here for our panel’s review of the Share Satisfaction Kama Dual Stimulator, and click here for the panel’s review of the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine!

Amanda, 50 – Single menopausal empty nester with enough power tools and sex toys to keep herself sane and occupied

“I’m a curious gal… the pointy ends are just perfect.

Belu is a sweet little bullet-style vibe. It’s easy enough to use – charge it up for a couple of hours and press the button at the end for 60-90 minutes of fun times. As a bonus, it’s waterproof for the bath or shower. Belu is light and smooth, easy enough to hold one handed and push through the vibration modes. There is a weird red light that flashes with the patterns, like some kind of climatic S.O.S from under the sheets. I guess it makes it easier to find should you lose it playing in the dark or the bath if the buzzing wasn’t a giveaway.  

The vibrating “bunny ears” are designed to stimulate, and there’s not really a wrong way or place to do this. The pointy bits of the ears were a bit intense directly on my clit, even at the lowest of the three speeds and seven vibration patterns. But flipping Belu around to the curvy side was a good time indeed, and I found a vibration pattern that’s been a winner. I’m a curious gal so I’ve been using it on my nipples as well, here the pointy ends are just perfect. The sensation is also really lovely in other erogenous zones, and I’ll definitely be going off script with this toy.

Share Satisfaction Belu Clitoral Stimulator
The Share Satisfaction Belu Clitoral Stimulator

Katy, 29 – Polyamorous bisexual with two girlfriends, a cat and enough sex toys sink a small boat

“An interesting little pocket rocket… it’s great for adding an extra level of pleasure during partner play.”

The Belu is an interesting little pocket rocket. I think it looks super cute — and the gem at the end is actually quite functional. Sometimes the buttons on sex toys can be a bit tricky to press, but this one has a very satisfying click to it. Sometimes little touches like that can make a big difference to the experience! 

Unfortunately the vibrator itself isn’t the greatest though. The mechanism seems to be located towards the base of the toy, rather that the head where it makes contact with your body. So I find the vibrating is quite intense when I’m holding it in my hand, but I can’t feel it as much in the ‘ears’ where all the action is supposed to be. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just a bit odd and sometimes distracting. 

While a clitoral stimulator like this isn’t really the type of toy that I’d typically use for solo play, I have found that it makes a great addition to the experience when I used it with my partner. The size and shape makes it easy to incorporate into most positions – so it’s great for adding an extra level of pleasure during pretty much any other sexual activity. 

Cecilia, 43 – Sex toy virgin and mum of two who’s keen to expand her horizons

“I had assumed that, as long as it was silicone and had a charging cable, it would do the trick. I was wrong.”

Today I watched the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha loses her orgasm. It was cosmic timing, because today I gave the Belu another test run and I couldn’t find my orgasm either. After such success with the first two toys on the trial list, I had assumed that, as long as it was silicone and had a charging cable, it would do the trick. I was wrong. 

There were no mitigating factors why this toy didn’t work for me – I wasn’t stressed, hurried or preoccupied any of the times I tried it. It’s just that I felt like I was being buzzed by a school science experiment.

I worked my way through the different settings, and the slower ones got me close, but it was just too much all in one place for my liking. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but I’ll stick to the toys with a gentler touch.

Sarah, 31 – Single and curious professional who would like to not just rely on her trusty Satisfyer Pro 2 for a good time

“At first I was reminded of a severed crab leg… but holy hell, yes yes yes, a thousand times yes”

Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Ok I’ll admit that when I opened the box of the Belu I was confused. I was reminded of severed crab legs. Then the Krusty Krab (NOT the image you want in your head when you’re about to rip into it with yourself, in all honestly.) Then a carrot. Then all of those crabs that migrate over that bridge in Australia around this time of year

This went on for a bit until I bit the bullet, so to speak, and gave the Belu a go and Jesus Christ, I don’t even understand what happened. I’ve realised during this review process that clitoral stimulators are my jam, and this one just hits the spot every. damn. time.

So it turns out the weird crab bits (bunny ears for those of you with more class) are an absolute revelation when it comes to vibes (literally) and positioning.

You’re automatically afforded a lot of options as to placement, and the big gem button on the top is really handy for cycling through he 10 different vibration patterns. I’ve actually never quite understood vibration patterns; my philosophy has always kind of been more rip shit and bust with vibrations, but holy hell, some of the patterns are so frustratingly good, it’s insane – they really help eek out the experience and get you to the top of the hill a different way every time.

If you’re a fan of a Satisfyer Pro 2, you’ll love this for something different – and this one is much easier to incorporate with a partner.

Angela, 42 – mother of many humans, wife to a mighty fine guy, finally getting on the self-pleasure band wagon

“Persistence is key… when you figure out where the damn thing is supposed to go, it’s a WINNER.

The Belu delivered a mixed bag for me. Aesthetically, it’s a vision; small, compact, easy enough to fit in your handbag if you were that way inclined, very, very pretty. It looks like it should be the kind of toy that will get the job done nice and quick when you only have five minutes between getting the kids from one sports training session to the next. It looks… Intriguing.

Problematically, at the start, it was so intriguing, it took me a REALLY long time to actually figure out how to use it. Even the packaging and instruction manual are so subtle, it doesn’t really specifically tell you WHERE/ HOW it’s supposed to be used. I mean, I kinda can see where it’s headed for, but at the start, when I was trying desperately to make this work (because I really wanted it work), it never seemed to, well, fit. It has the very unusual key hole shape top that just makes you wonder if perhaps you are shaped the wrong way, in terms of where you think it’s supposed to go, or if you just completely have the wrong end of the stick (literally and figuratively) in regards to where it’s meant to go.

But, ladies, persistence is key with this little guy. It definitely takes a bit of time, and even some mixed bag positional trial and error (I’ve found that it works better when I’m  sitting rather than standing or lying down), but if you are prepared to keep working at it, the Belu can be a happy time.

Great setting options, although, some of the settings have silly lags that are almost too long, so that you think the battery at a really important moment, which is never ideal. But if you can find your spot, and where the damn thing is supposed to go, then it’s a winner. Doesn’t quite pack the punch of a Karma Dual, but definitely a s*it load faster (if you know where to put it), so if all you are after is a little ‘moment’ before you rush off to your next appointment, then this is definitely for you.

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